How To Clear Discord Chat

Clearing the Discord chat is very easy and you don’t have to delete messages one-by-one. Here is how to clear Discord chat.

How To Change Status On Discord

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How To Change Font In Discord

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How To Change Discord Picture

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How To Change Discord Password

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How Much Data Does Discord Use?

How much data does Discord use and how does it compare to other tasks such as watching Netflix, browsing the internet or watching YouTube? Here’s a guide.

How To Change Discord Background

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How To Cancel Discord Nitro

Canceling Discord Nitro is easy! Here is the easiest method on how to cancel Discord Nitro so you won’t be charged again.

How To Appear Offline On Discord

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How To Block Someone On Discord

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How To Advertise Your Discord Server

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How To Add Roles In Discord

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How To Add Games To Discord

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How To Add Friends On Discord

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How To Add Emojis To Discord

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How To Add Bots To Discord

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How Does Discord Make Money?

What is Discord’s business model and how does Discord make money when the app offers so much for free? Is Discord’s business model sustainable?

Fix: Discord Screen Share No Audio

Are you having audio issues when screen sharing in Discord? Don’t worry, we’ve listed all the possible fixes for the Discord screen share no audio issue.