How To Zoom In On Discord

Do you want to zoom in on the screen to make reading easier? Then here's the guide to teach you how to zoom in on Discord.

One of the main reasons Discord has accumulated such a large community is its extraordinary level of customization. You can even install mods like BetterDiscord that provide a higher level of app customization.

It’s so customizable that you can even zoom in, just like you would on Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser.

Here’s a quick synopsis of how you can do that!

Discord Zoom Shortcut

There are two ways you can zoom in on Discord: with a keyboard shortcut or through settings.

Just hold down Ctrl and use +/- to magnify in with your keyboard to amplify or decrease the zoom level. You can also reset the zoom level by pressing Ctrl and 0.

Discord Zoom In Settings

If, for some reason, this keyboard shortcut is not working for you, don’t worry; it is possible to adjust it in User Settings. Here’s how:

  1. Press the cogwheel icon to go to User Settings (bottom left).
  2. Head straight to Appearance on the list of menus on the left.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and look for the Zoom Level option.
  4. Use the slider to adjust the zoom level as you please.
    Discord Zoom In Settings

That’s all, quite easy!

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