How To Make Discord Emotes

Looking for an easy method on how to make Discord emotes? Don't worry, this guide got you covered. You'll learn everything you need to know!

Part of what makes Discord such a great setting for communities, gamers, students, and coworkers is its abundance of features, server customization, and ease of use.

One way you can make a server feel like home is by creating custom Discord emotes.

Emotes are pretty easy to create and implement into Discord. Here is a guide showing you exactly how you can do that!

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Creating The Emoji

Creating an emoji from scratch can be a challenge unless you already have a clear idea or design in mind. You will also need some knowledge of Adobe Photoshop or similar image manipulation software.

If you already had that kind of knowledge, you probably wouldn’t be reading this guide.

Don’t worry. Even if you have no idea how to edit images, there are some easier methods you can utilize to create your emoji.

Using Templates

The simplest way to create emotes is by using templates, including images and memes that are already available online. All you need to do is download the template and add it to your Discord server.

You also have the option to edit the template further.

Let’s have a look at Kapwing’s Custom Discord Emote Maker. This is a website that provides templates and an editing tool.

To use it, click the link above and then look for a good template. There are already numerous memes uploaded to Kapwing, so you should be able to find something you like.

List of Discord Emote Templates
List of templates

Having chosen your preferred template, click Edit This Template.

Custom Discord Emote Maker

After tapping the button, Kapwing’s image manipulation tool will open. Here, you have absolute freedom to edit the image!

Adding text is as simple as the push of a button. Look at the top-left of the window, and you will see various options. Find “Text”, click on it, and it will automatically add text to your meme.

Kapwings image editing tool

Adding extra images or any other type of element is just as easy. Simply look for the corresponding option in the same menu.

When you are satisfied with your work, click Export Image (in the top-right corner) and save it as a .png

Keep in mind that the image you export will be resized to 128×128 pixels. This is the size limit for a Discord emoji. Consider whether or not the image will look good as an emote and if people will be able to read any text you add.

The image we chose is a bit too detailed, so it probably isn’t going to serve as a great emote.

Using Photoshop Or Free Alternatives

If you can’t seem to find the right template or you want to start from scratch, it’s best to use Photoshop or any of the free alternatives.

In our example, we will be using Photopea.

To start a new project, select File – New or just hit Alt+Ctrl+N. This will open a new window. This new window will show you several templates for your project size, but we recommend just typing 125 for Width and 125 for Height.


Photopea will also provide you with several images that you can use as a starting point. If you don’t find any of the suggestions suitable, you can upload your own image. To do that, again, go to File – Open and choose the image you want to add to your emote.

With the image added, you need to scale it to the appropriate size (125×125).

By clicking on “Transform controls”, you can easily start manipulating the image.

Photopea Transform controls

To ensure the best possible quality, you need to maintain the original height/width ratio. To do that, hold Shift while transforming the image.

You can also type 125px in both width and height in the menu above. This will automatically change the picture to fit the area.

You now have the right size. If you want to add anything else to the image, now is the time.

To add Text, look for the T icon on the left menu. If you want to do some drawing, you can use the pencil or brush tool. You can hover over any of the tools to see more information about what they are used for.

If you are done experimenting, it’s time to export the image. Go to File – Export as – PNG. Make sure the width and height are adjusted accordingly and keep the quality at 100%. Click Save.

Adding Emote To Discord

You finally have your meme. Now it’s time to add it to your Discord server. For more details, you can refer to our extensive guide.

Otherwise, you can simply follow these steps:

  1. Open Discord and go to your server
  2. Head into Server Settings
  3. Open the Emoji tab
  4. Click on Upload Emoji, select the PNG you created, and press apply
  5. Add an Alias (shortcut) that you want to be associated with the image
Discord Upload Emoji button

By using an Alias, you can post the emote whenever you like in your server’s text channels.

Creating Animated Emojis

If you have subscribed to Discord Nitro, it is also possible to upload animated emotes.

Creating these may require a bit more effort. However, thanks to websites such as Kapwing, it can be relatively easy if you already have a source video or GIF.

Head back to the editing website and upload your video or GIF.

A simple suggestion: If the video you desire is on YouTube, you can utilize one of the numerous YouTube to MP4 sites to get it. Just input the YT link, choose the file format (MP4), and save it in the utmost quality.

After uploading your video to the editor, it’s time to edit it.

Video editing using Kapwings image editing tool
Editing the video

If you want to cut the video at a certain point, drag the white line across the timeline below the video, then click Split.

Video splitting using Kapwings image editing tool
Splitting a video

After splitting, delete the unwanted parts of the video.

If you want to make some further edits, such as increasing or decreasing speed, zooming in, or adjusting volume, click on the timeline and use the menu to the right.

Kapwings Editing settings
Editing settings

It is advised to accelerate the video as much as you can without ruining it. This is to maintain the file size as small as possible. Discord won’t allow you to upload an emoji that is too big. It has to be under 256 kb.

You also need to stick to the 125×125 size limit. To do that, click outside the video, on the empty space of the editor, then make the canvas 125×125 in the menu on the right. You could go even smaller to meet the file size requirements.

In the top right, you will see the same red Export button. However, you need to click on the small downward arrow next to it and select Export as GIF.

With the GIF downloaded, the process of adding it to your Discord is identical to uploading a still image.

Now you know how to create an emote and add it to your Discord server!

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