Fix: Discord JavaScript Error

Discord Javascript Error

Are you getting a Javascript error in Discord? Does the error say “A Javascript error occurred in the main process” or something similar? Here is the fix.

Fix: Discord Not Installing

Discord Installation Has Failed

Is your Discord app not installing? Fortunately, the fix is very easy and works in almost all cases. Here’s a short guide that will solve your issue.

Fix: Discord Not Updating

Discord Update Failed

Is your Discord app not updating for some reason? What should you do when your Discord is not updating? Here is the best and easiest fix.

Fix: Discord Notifications Not Working

Discord Notifications Not Working Fix

Discord notifications can sometimes have issues. Luckily, there are ways to fix it. Here’s how you can fix Discord notifications for desktop and mobile.

Fix: Discord GIFs Not Working

Discord GIFs Not Working Fix

GIFs can stop working from time to time. Luckily, there are many ways to fix this. Check out these fixes if Discord GIFs aren’t working.

Fix: Discord Not Connecting

Discord Not Connecting

Can’t connect to Discord for some reason? It’s a very common problem that can often be fixed very easily. Here are all the fixes for this Discord issue.

Fix: Discord Mic Not Working

Discord Mic Not Working

Is your Discord mic not working on Discord? The fix is actually very easy and you’ll get your mic working in no time after trying these fixes.

Fix: Discord Audio Cutting Out

Discord Audio Cutting Out

Is your Discord audio cutting out? Is your voice cutting out when talking in Discord? Fix your issue by following this super easy guide with all the fixes.

Fix: Discord Screen Share No Audio

Discord Screen Share No Audio Fix

Are you having audio issues when screen sharing in Discord? Don’t worry, we’ve listed all the possible fixes for the Discord screen share no audio issue.

Fix: Discord Red Dot Icon

Discord Red Dot Icon

What is that strange Discord red dot icon that appears from time to time and what does it mean? How can you hide the red dot? Here’s the ultimate guide.

Fix: Discord Won’t Open

Discord Wont Open

Is your Discord app not opening? There are multiple fixes you need to try if your Discord won’t open. The first one does the trick most of the time.

Fix: Discord Overlay Not Working

Discord Overlay Not Working

Is the Discord overlay not working for some reason? Don’t worry, this guide shows you all the up-to-date fixes to bring back your Discord overlay.

Fix: Discord Can’t Hear Anyone

Discord Can't Hear Anyone

Can’t you hear other people on Discord? The fix to that problem is really simple in most cases, fortunately. Here’s a short guide on how to fix your issue.