How To Automatically Assign Roles On Discord

Every Discord server needs proper roles. It's easy to automate this process. Here's a simple guide on how to automatically assign roles on Discord.

Looking at Discord’s public servers reveals some communities with more than half a million users. Some of these servers receive thousands of new users every day, which might leave you wondering: “How are admins able to assign roles to all of these new users?”

There are probably a large number of admins/mods in these huge servers, and staff members rarely assign these roles themselves. Instead, admins use bots to automatically assign roles to users, which is far more efficient.

If you are interested in adding this kind of automatization to your server, you can find out how in this article.

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Why Use Automatic Role Assignment?

If you run a smaller server with a few hundred members, you might not think you need this kind of automation. In truth, there is no real downside to adding a bot that comes equipped with dozens of features. Why not utilize the auto role feature?

Even if your server only gets a few new members every week, you can give a bot the duty of assigning roles, allowing you to concentrate on more crucial tasks.

Recommended Bots With Auto Role

There are numerous Discord bots available that offer this feature. Here is a list of the most widely used and trusted Discord role bots:

If you discover a bot that is more appropriate for your server, feel free to utilize that one instead.

Setting Up Bot To Automatically Assign Roles

Let’s begin!

Your first task is to add the bot to your Discord server. Of the different bots listed above, we decided to use MEE6, so let’s head to the MEE6 website to log in (Login button in the top-right).

MEE6 Discord bot website login

When you click this button, you will be asked to log in with your Discord account, and then you need to authorize the bot for your server. Don’t forget to allow the Manage Role permission; the bot requires this to assign roles to server members.

We completed that task, now we have to return to Discord to create a suitable role for the server. In Discord, click on the server name on the top-left and select Server Settings, then go to the Roles tab and press Add Role.

Enter a name for the role, choose a color, then decide which permissions to enable or disable. As this role is for new users, they should only receive the most basic permissions, such as sending messages in general chat and joining some voice channels.

Discord Create Role role name role color etc

Open the Permissions tab to edit the permissions. Disable all options related to moderation, such as Manage Roles, Manage Channels, Kick/Ban Members, etc.

Enable Send Messages, View Channels, Speak, Listen, and other basic permissions. You should thoroughly explore the various options to determine which ones you want to grant to the role.

We can now customize MEE6 to auto-assign the newly created role.

Go to the MEE6 dashboard and select your server.

MEE6 Select a server

This is the plugin gallery. By default, some plugins will be enabled while others are disabled. To use the auto roles feature, you need to activate the Welcome plugin. Once it is active, click Welcome. This will open the plugin’s settings.

activating Welcome plugin and clicking Welcome under MEE6 Server Management

Activate the Give a role to new users setting and then expand it. Under the option Roles to give, click on the plus icon, select your newly created role and confirm by pressing save.

Go back to your Discord server and test it to ensure everything is working. You can either wait for a user to join or ask a friend to leave and rejoin the server.

newly-joined user immediately assigned role
A newly-joined user is immediately assigned a role.

That’s all you need to do to configure auto roles on MEE6. From now on, every user who joins your server will be assigned the role you have designated. To further automate your server, we recommend using MEE6’s reaction role feature.

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