Does Discord Notify The User If You Kick Them?

Does Discord notifiy the user if you kick or ban them? The answer is no. In this guide, we also show you how you can use a better kick/ban alternative.

Maintaining a Discord server is not as simple as most people guess. An admin has to manage all kinds of things such as bots, channels, server location, and the most difficult part to manage, users.

If you’ve found yourself in a situation having to kick a certain user, it can be difficult. Obviously, you don’t want to hurt their feelings, but it must be done if the user affects the quality of your server. It’s especially hard if the member is an acquaintance or even a friend.

And after you kick them, will they be notified of this? Will they know exactly which mod or admin executed the command?

Let’s get started.

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How To Kick A User

If you have previously kicked other server members before, we suggest skipping these next few paragraphs.

If you haven’t, follow these steps:

  1. Open Discord, go into your server and expand the member’s list.
    expanding Discord server member list
  2. With the member list open, look for the member you want to kick (or use the search function).
  3. Right-click the user’s name and click Kick [username].
    kicking Discord server member

Make sure you hit Kick instead of Ban. They are not the same command.

Kick Notification

Once you do this, the user won’t get any kind of notification hinting they have been kicked from your server. Even if you add a kick reason, they won’t get a notification.

So, the final answer is that Discord does not notify the user when you kick them. There’s no need to worry about that.

Either way, the user can always rejoin the server, or you could invite them back. A ban on the other hand is a more permanent punishment.

How To Ban A User

To ban a member of your server means that they will never be able to join it back ever again. At least until you lift the ban. But, if you have a good reason for a ban, we do not suggest removing bans.

The process of banning someone is almost identical to kicking. Still, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Again, with Discord open expand the member’s list.
  2. Search for the right user and right-click their name.
  3. Right under the Kick [username] option, select Ban [username].

That’s it! The perpetrator is now banned and won’t bother members of your server anymore.

Ban Notification

Just like with kicking users, Discord does not send a notification for a ban.

Of course, the banned user will notice that the server is missing from their list and they aren’t able to join it.

Unbanning A User

Admins and mods are humans too, so making a mistake is normal. Changing your mind is normal too, so naturally, you may want to bring that person back to your server.

Here’s what you can do to lift a ban:

  1. Open Discord, click on the server name, and select Server Settings.
    clicking Discord server name and server settings
  2. Select the Bans tab on the list on your left.
  3. This is where you will find all of the users you have banned in the server’s history. To unban someone, you’ll need to find their username, click on it and then click on Revoke Ban.
    revoking ban on Discord server user

After this, the ban will be revoked, but the user will not be notified of this. For them to join again, we suggesting providing them with an invite link through DMs.

Kick/Ban Alternative

Toxicity, hostility, breaking rules, and other similar actions call for a kick or a ban, that’s for sure. However, throwing the ban hammer at a friend isn’t exactly easy.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. There is one way you can keep your friend on the server while limiting their presence on it.

This can be done by creating a role that has minimal or no access to voice or text channels. Follow these steps to achieve that:

  1. Head back to Server Settings and into the Roles tab.
  2. From there, click Create Role, give it a name (e.g. zero access) and then open the Permissions tab above.
  3. We recommend disabling all permissions and leaving only Read Message History and Connect permissions enabled.

The role has been created, now it’s time to assign it to the appropriate user/s.

To assign it, go back to your server, right-click a user, hover over the role, and select the one created previously.

By doing this, the user will not be able to send messages in any text channel, but they will be able to read previous messages. Additionally, they can join voice channels, but they won’t be able to talk.

A perfect solution for those awkward situations when you have to get rid of a user.

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