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Since its inception in early 2021, PC Strike has grown to be a medium-sized news outlet for PC news. We offer extensive guides for free and aim to cover all mainstream PC programs and other related technology that may be related to the average or advanced PC user.


  1. Is PC Strike safe and legit?

    Yes, of course. All internal as well as external links found on this site are safe and we always review them in order to prevent linking to an expired website that a malicious user may acquire.

  2. How can you provide this content for free?

    Like many online media outlets, we are supported by advertisements and affiliate links. These are of no cost to you and it allows us to maintain and improve our work.

  3. Can I trust PC Strike?

    The team behind PC Strike are all vetted Windows experts and will be able to help you with most, if not all, of your PC issues or other queries.