How To Make Someone Admin Or Mod On Discord

Do you want to make someone an admin or moderator on Discord but don't know how? This guide will show you the exact steps you need to take.

Moderating a brand new Discord server is not easy, especially if you oversee many members.

Managing hundreds of users by oneself is doable, but anything beyond that can turn into a significant inconvenience.

You could choose to make some server members admins or mods. This guide will show you how to make that happen.

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Making A Member An Admin

Admins or administrators are an important part of every Discord server as they provide you with support to handle members, text, and voice channels. You can think of them as the policemen of your country or, in this case, your server. They exist to uphold the “law.”

Without dedicated admins, a server can quickly become chaotic and spiral out of control.

To grant someone the position of admin, you first need to create the necessary role.

Creating a role is simple, and we have an extensive guide on the subject. However, this guide will show you exactly which permissions you should enable or disable to allow your admins to perform their tasks.

  • Administrator – This option will enable all relevant permissions for the selected role. This is the easiest way to create an admin role, but we recommend going through all of the permissions in case there are any that you prefer to leave disabled.
    Discord Administrator permission
  • Kick/Ban/Move/Mute Members – An admin should have the power to move, mute, or deafen members. You can also provide them with permission to kick and ban users, but you might want to leave this disabled unless you know your admin personally. If they think a user needs to be banned, they can always ask the owner (you).
    Discord permission to kick and ban users
  • Manage Channels – You should probably leave this disabled as channels don’t need to be modified frequently. You can do it yourself.
  • Manage Roles – It can be useful to have this enabled.

These are the main permissions you need to consider. Everything else is optional and won’t affect the server significantly, whether you leave them enabled or disabled.

Once your admin role is ready, it’s time to assign it to someone you trust. Look at your Discord friends list or the server’s member list. On your server, use the search function to find the person you are looking for. Right-click their name, hover over Roles, then select the admin role.

Congratulations! You have enlisted your first administrator!

Now, let’s take a look at what makes mods distinct from admins.

Making A Member A Mod

Mods are another essential piece of every Discord server because they handle the micro-management part of the server. They can deal with problematic users, mute/deafen them, inform you of spammers, scammers, toxic users, etc.

The mod role doesn’t require the most important permissions to perform these tasks. Here are some permissions you should enable or disable:

  • Administrator – Off at all times. Mods should never have as much power as an admin.
  • Manage Roles – Also off.
  • Mute/Deafen Members – Important permission for mods, and it should always be enabled.
  • Move Members – Another permission that is a must for mods.
  • Kick/Ban Members – This permission should be enabled only for admins. Mods shouldn’t be able to kick or ban users from your server.

These are the permissions you’ll need to set up if you add a mod role. The process of assigning someone this role is identical to assigning admins. Simply find the user, right-click their name and assign the role.

That’s all there is to it!

Now you finally have mods and/or admins that can help you uphold the rules of your server.

If you believe you currently don’t need mods, consider using a moderator bot such as Mee6.

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