How To Ban Someone On Discord

Is someone misbehaving on your Discord server? Here's the ultimate guide on how to ban someone on Discord, both manually and automatically via bots.

Discord admins and mods don’t have an easy job moderating servers. Some members can become a nuisance by spamming nonsense, sharing irrelevant links, or even being hostile to other users.

The simplest and most efficient course of action for these disruptive users is a dismissal or a ban. For repeat offenders, we recommend bans as they will ensure that the specific user is permanently removed from your server.

Giving a ban is easy, but if you’ve never done it previously, we will assist you with the procedure. Just ensure to adhere to the steps mentioned below.

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Manual Bans

To issue a ban to a user, we recommend doing it manually, as this is the quickest method.

  1. Open Discord and go to your server.
  2. Expand the member list.
    expanding Discord server member list
  3. Search for the specific user, right-click their name, and select Ban [user’s name].


  1. Go to your server and open a text channel.
  2. Find the user that has been breaking your server’s rules, right-click their avatar, and select Ban [user’s name].

That’s all you need to do. The user will no longer be part of your server and they will be unable to return unless you remove the ban.

This probably seems very simple. Banning one, two, or even ten users is no problem at all. What if you have a server with hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of active users every day? Even a small percentage of them breaking your server’s rules can be very disruptive, and you might need to hand out numerous bans.

Automation is necessary to handle a greater amount of individuals. This type of automation is enabled by Discord bots.

Automatic/Bot Bans

It is important to find the appropriate type of bot. Automatic moderation is considered a pretty basic feature nowadays, so many bots include it.

If you’re looking for suggestions, we recommend checking out ProBot, MEE6, Ayana, Nadeko, Astro, Lawliet, and Wick. In this example of setting up a bot for auto-moderation, we will use MEE6.

  1. Your first task is to add the bot to your Discord server. To do that, head to the official MEE6 website and press Login.
    MEE6 Discord bot website login
  2. After logging in, MEE6 will request authorization to join your server. Be sure to pick the right server and allow the necessary permissions.
  3. Open the MEE6 Dashboard and select your server to access the plugin gallery.
  4. Make sure the Moderator option in the Server Management category is enabled, then enter the plugin’s setting (click on the name).
    enabling Moderator and clicking Moderator under MEE6 Server Management
  5. Scroll down and find the Auto-Moderator category. Using these settings, you can automatically enforce your server’s rules.
  6. Specify exactly what you want to moderate. This can include things such as bad words, repeated text, excessive emojis, caps spam, external links, spoilers, etc. You can also configure the automatic response for these infractions. You can choose delete message, warn member, or delete message & warn member.
  7. All of these auto-moderating actions will need to be configured with their respective settings (see image below). For example, in the settings for the Bad words action, you will need to choose whether any channels or roles should be ignored and which bad words are to be detected.
    MEE6 Auto Moderator actions
  8. We recommend sticking with Auto-Moderator ignores and doesn’t affect other bots enabled.
  9. With the appropriate actions selected, go down to Automated Actions and click Add action.
  10. In the first box, select ban or temp ban. In the second and third boxes, you will need to select how many infractions the bot should tolerate in a given timeframe. We chose 2 infractions in 30 minutes.
  11. With that done, click Save and return to Discord to check whether the auto-moderation feature is working properly.

To test it out, we used a disposable account and included a bad word in a message sent to the PC Strike Discord server.

testing MEE6 auto moderating actions on Discord server

We added “sucks” as a bad word. As you can see, after an initial warning/infraction, the user was automatically banned from the server indefinitely.

That covers the most important information on this topic. You now have the necessary knowledge and ability to manually ban any user or to have a bot in play to get rid of any disruptive users automatically.

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