How To Tell If Someone Blocked You On Discord

How do you tell if someone has blocked you on Discord? In this guide, we show you different methods you can use to determine if you've been blocked or not.

One lousy round in-game while talking on Discord can quickly turn into an argument. An argument can then lead to a block. So, naturally, you will want to know whether you’ve been blocked.

But, how can you tell if someone blocked you on Discord?

Well, we’ve tested all the options and therefore we can explain how to read the signs that hint towards a block.

In this article, we’ll explain those signs to help you find out if you have been blocked or not.

Let’s get into it!

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Method 1: Send Them A Message

The quickest way to check if someone has blocked your account is by sending them a message. How does this work? Well, it’s simple.

Discord prevents your message from reaching the recipient when a user blocks you, and you’ll get such a notification.

Keep in mind; the notification provides several possibilities why the message is not sending, so don’t immediately assume that you are blocked.

We did a test with two different Discord accounts. Here is what messaging a user (that has blocked you) looks like:

Discord Clyde bot Your message could not be delivered

As you can see in the image above, Discord’s Clyde bot immediately responds that the recipient won’t accept your message. Again, this could be because the user has disabled the allow direct messages from server members.

Method 2: Send A Friend Request

Since the method mentioned earlier does not confirm whether you are blocked or not, it’s best to do a couple more “checks” to be sure.

So, the next thing you should try is sending the user a friend request.

To try that, go into the server you share, expand the member list, right-click on the user’s name, and select Profile.

Discord server member list user name Profile

Once you have their profile opened, click on Send Friend Request.

Discord Send Friend Request button

In normal circumstances, Discord will send the request without any problems. However, in a case where the recipient has blocked you, Discord will show an error.

Discord Friend Request Failed notice

The error reports that you may have misspelled the name, but that’s probably not the case.

Method 3: Empty Profile Bio

The last sign that you may have been blocked is if the person’s About Me is empty. Although it’s also possible that the user has never added anything to the bio page.

However, if you are sure they had a bio previously and cannot see it now, that’s a sign that you may have been blocked.

Again, you can check that by entering the mutual server, finding the user in the member list, right-clicking their name, and selecting Profile.

Discord user empty profile bio

The About Me information should be under User Info.


In the end, there is no sure way you can tell whether someone has blocked you. But, if you “pass” all of these tests above, the chances that you are blocked are pretty high.

Unfortunately, there is no way you can directly message the user to have them unblock you. However, it’s possible to contact some other member on the server to talk to them for you.

We recommend leaving the block be. Whether you did or didn’t do something wrong, it’s their decision, and you should respect it.

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