How To Delete Your Discord Account

Do you want to delete your Discord account? The process is really simple. Here is a super simple guide on how to delete your Discord account.

Discord is perceived as a leading communication platform for gamers across different devices, including Windows, Android, iOS, and, in the upcoming times, PlayStation 5.

Like any other application, Discord does have its positives and negatives. If, for any reason, you decide that it is time to delete your account, we will show you how to do it.

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Disabling A Discord Account

Deleting your Discord account is simple, but it’s important to note that there is also an option to temporarily disable it. When disabled, you can retrieve your account whenever you desire. The same cannot be stated if you delete it, making it a lasting choice.

Whatever you decide to do, the process is almost identical.

Go to User Settings and select the My Account tab. At the bottom, there are two crimson buttons located under the Account Removal heading. These are Disable Account and Delete Account.

Deleting Discord Account

Remember, you can recover your account if you disable it, but you can’t do the same if it’s deleted.

You will also need to transfer ownership of your Discord servers before you perform either of these actions.

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