Fix: Error Placing Order On Minecraft

Having issues buying Minecraft? Here's the ultimate guide on how you can fix this issue so you can enjoy Minecraft.

Minecraft is one of the most beloved video games, and as a dedicated gamer, not having it in your collection is a true gaming sin.

With that said, getting excited about hopping into an endless block adventure with your friends just to find out you’re unable to purchase the game can be really disappointing and frustrating.

If you’ve recently dealt with the “Error Placing Order” issue when purchasing Minecraft, this guide is for you.

Here’s how to solve it.

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The Problem Explained

Those who reported the “Error Placing Order” issue during their attempt to purchase Minecraft also stated that this error sometimes results in a double payment (double spend) bug as well, which can make the user spend twice the money and still not get the game.

A Reddit user confirmed this by checking their bank statement report, while other users said they couldn’t make the payment at all.

Error Placing Order Minecraft
A Reddit user reporting about their experience with the Error Placing Order Minecraft bug

Along with the bug, a vague error message is shown to users, and it doesn’t point towards the direction of the problem.

Minecraft Error Placing Order
The error message is shown upon encountering the Error Placing Order issue during Minecraft purchase

However, even though it can be perplexing and exasperating, and without a genuine explanation for its occurrence, we were able to develop a couple of approaches that can assist you in resolving the issue and finishing your transaction.

More about solving this problem is in the sections below.

Fix 1: Link Your Credit Card To PayPal


According to some users, purchasing Minecraft directly through a credit or debit card can often be the cause of the “Error Placing Order” message.

However, there’s an easy fix for this, at least for users who live in a country where PayPal is available. The solution is to link the credit card issued by your bank with the PayPal service and then purchase Minecraft through it.

PayPal is widely accepted as a payment middleman, and countless users used it to purchase this game successfully.

Here’s an official, step-by-step guide from PayPal on how to link your credit and debit cards with their online service.

This helped many users, but if it doesn’t work for you, feel free to move on to the other fixes in the sections down below. 

Fix 2: Clear Your Browser’s Cache And Cookies

Browser Cookie

Having a corrupt browser cache & cookies data can cause various issues while browsing the internet, and apparently, it can cause the “Error Placing Order” issue while purchasing Minecraft.

Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies is a rather simple process that can fix the problem and improve your overall browsing experience in the future.

Here’s a simple way to do it if you’re using Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome and click the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. In the dropdown menu, choose Settings to open the configuration panel.
    Twitch Can Not Change Username
  3. Scroll down until you see the Privacy and Security section. Choose Clear Browsing Data to access the final window where you will initiate the clean-up.
    Twitch Will Not Let Me Change Username
  4. Select all of the options and finish by clicking Clear Data in the bottom-right corner. Make sure to select All-Time in the time range field.
    Clear Browser Cache On Google Chrome

Now you’ve successfully cleared your browser’s cache files and cookies. Restart your browser and try purchasing Minecraft once more.

The transaction should now go through without experiencing the “Error Placing Order” problem. If this doesn’t work, there are more methods you can try.

Fix 3: Use A VPN


Sometimes, being unable to purchase Minecraft could be a region-related problem. Luckily, a lot of users managed to solve it by activating a VPN.

If you don’t have a VPN, but you really need to purchase Minecraft as soon as possible, take a look at our helpful guide, in which we cover many different VPN products, as well as their pros and cons. It should help you find the one that works best for your needs.

After activating the VPN you chose, head over to the Minecraft purchasing page and try buying the game once more, you should now be able to make the purchase.

Fix 4: Purchase Via A Different Browser


If, in your situation, this is a browser-related issue, quickly switching over to a different browser could potentially solve the problem. Although Chrome and Firefox are the two most popular browsers, sometimes users encounter problems while using them.

Using Microsoft’s Edge, Opera, or the Brave browser might be a good idea if you can’t seem to have any success with purchasing Minecraft on Chrome and Firefox.

Fix 5: Purchase Minecraft Through The Windows Store

Windows Store

One of the best ways to avoid the “Error Placing Order” issue when buying Minecraft is to get it through the Windows 10 store instead of the website.

Some users believe that purchasing through the store means the transaction goes through a payment processor different than the one involved in the website purchases therefore, the problem is avoided.

To buy Minecraft from the Windows store, all you have to do is click on the search bar located on your taskbar, then type in Microsoft Store and click on the first result.

Once the store opens, search for Minecraft and choose the version you wish to buy. You should be able to make the purchase without any further issues.

Regrettably, this approach is solely accessible for individuals using Windows. Hence, if you utilize an alternative operating system like Linux or macOS, it may be advisable to explore the option of purchasing Minecraft from a platform like Steam.

Fix 6: Find Someone To Purchase Minecraft As A Gift For You


If you keep experiencing issues with your Minecraft transaction and nothing seems to work, yet you know someone who can purchase the game without any problems, it’s best to ask for them to buy it for you.

If you already have PayPal set up, you can send the money to whoever purchased the game for you in less than a minute to compensate for the costs.   

After someone buys Minecraft for you, they can send you the redeem code, and you can use it to activate the product. For more information on purchasing and finding Minecraft gift codes, take a look at the official FAQ article covering this topic in detail.  


With that said, now you know how to fix or at least overcome the Error Placing Order On Minecraft issue that occurs when users try to purchase the game.

If you are still experiencing issues with your purchase, it’s always a good idea to contact the official Minecraft help center and thoroughly explain your situation to them.

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