How To Block Someone On Discord

Getting bothered by people or just don't want to communicate with someone anymore, either temporary or permanent? Here is how to block someone on Discord.

Discord is the perfect VoIP platform to meet new players you can team up with for future games.

However, it is also inevitable to meet users who will be toxic or start harassing you online. The best action against these users is to block them and never see their messages or hear from them again.

Here is what you can do to block someone on Discord:

How To Block Someone

There are multiple ways you can block someone on Discord.

Blocking A Friend

To block a user on Discord that has been added as a friend, follow these steps:

  1. Head over to Home (top-left corner)
  2. Select the Friends tab and look for the person you want to block
  3. Open up the chat and click on Block

Alternatively, you can right-click their name and select block.

Blocking A Server Member

If you end up getting spammed or bothered by a random user on a certain server, you can easily block them by doing this:

  1. Once the user sends a message to the server, right-click their profile picture
  2. Select Block

If they haven’t sent any message, find them on the member list on the right side of your screen and block them from there.

Once you have blocked a user, you won’t be seeing their messages anymore unless you press on Show Message.

How To Unblock Someone

It is possible to block someone by mistake. If you want to keep communicating with this person you will need to unblock them. Here is how you can do that:

  1. Head back to Home, then go to your Friends tab
  2. From there, you should select the Blocked tab
  3. In this tab, you will be able to see all of your blocked users
  4. Right-click their profile picture and select Unblock

That’s all there is to this topic. Now you know what to do if you ever want to block or unblock a user on Discord. Simple!

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