Funny, Cool and Best Gaming Names

Looking for inspiration for your next gaming name? We've made a complete and unique list of 260+ funny, cool-sounding and the best gaming names here.

Being a gamer is fantastic, and the most thrilling aspect of it has to be creating your own special in-game name that other players will identify you with during your virtual escapades.

“Crafting” your in-game name is like a passionate swordsmith crafting a sword. You need it to match all your traits.

Unfortunately, sometimes we lack the creative energy to make the right choice, so a bit of help is more than welcome.

Well, this guide contains 250+ ideas that should inspire you to create your gaming name, or if you really like any of them, feel free to borrow…indefinitely.

Let’s jump right into it.

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1. Funny Gaming Names


Sometimes gaming is all about fun, and so you never know whose day you’ll make better by giving them a good laugh with your funny in-game name.

Here’s a list of funny gaming names that you can use online:

  1. MarginallyMediocre
  2. Mario’s Princess
  3. RespawnTaxi
  4. MomSaidPause
  5. MartinLooterKing
  6. CarryMePls
  7. BlameTheLag
  8. ReturnToMonke
  9. Cereal Killer
  10. Suckle Nandwich
  11. Fit Chihuahua
  12. Adolescent Mutant Ninja Turtle
  13. Still Sleepy
  14. Best Milkshake But No Yard
  15. Generous Goblin
  16. BobTheBodybuilder
  17. NotEnoughFPS
  18. AlwaysNoScope
  19. MyUsernameIsAwful
  20. Santa’s Archenemy
  21. No Respawn IRL
  22. SorryNoMana
  23. GaminGGandalf
  24. Supersonic Sheep
  25. Amber Heard’s Lawyer
  26. Penguin (Not From Madagascar)
  27. ToasterPC
  28. Harpooning Harpy
  29. NeedBetterSkins
  30. WheresMySkill
  31. NeverBeenOutside
  32. Keyboard Smasher
  33. HardlyInvisibleChameleon
  34. CloseButNoCigar
  35. Technically A Monkey
  36. NintendoWarrior
  37. DustyCasette
  38. SoundCloudRapper
  39. AlwaysMissingShots
  40. Shaquille Oatmeal
  41. SomebodyTouchaMySpaghett
  42. ClownFiesta
  43. Jabbing Johnny
  44. Stop Camping
  45. RetiredNoob
  46. FuturePro
  47. MrStealYourRoshan
  48. SawThisOnReddit
  49. Need Faster Reflexes
  50. TotallyNotCheating
  51. NotMyBirthday
  52. Send Skins
  53. Tetris Hero
  54. Endless Deathstreak
  55. Plant Bomb Not Trees
  56. B For Bandetta
  57. Jack Kitchen
  58. Forgan Mreeman
  59. Rudolph The Reindeer
  60. Axe Ketchum
  61. Qoolboy Scew
  62. Marriah Carried
  63. Orianna Grande
  64. Ragequit Soon
  65. Billie Eyelash
  66. Justin Case
  67. Aydee HD
  68. Blurry Image
  69. Bread Pitt
  70. NeverRespawn
  71. HealMePls
  72. Nuck Chorris
  73. Armordrillo
  74. Tyrannosaurus Pecs
  75. John Lava
  76. Dobby Is An Elf
  77. Not An AI
  78. Trustworthy NPC
  79. UninstallSoon
  80. NoWarmup
  81. EzTutorial
  82. SurrenderAt20
  83. Sir Screamalot
  84. HeadEyesWhiteDragon
  85. Anne Flank
  86. Linus Text Tips
  87. Pizza Delivery
  88. VendorYourLoot
  89. Tokyo Thrift
  90. ImAScav
  91. Melting Snowman
  92. Abnormal Recoil
  93. Yeetus Deletus
  94. Buck Naked
  95. Linear Burrito
  96. Darth Invader
  97. Obamium
  98. DraveGigger
  99. Lord Of The Dinks
  100. Dusty Mousepad

2. Cool Gaming Names


Sometimes showing off your style in-game is more important than your actual performance, or that’s just what we like to believe.

Here’s a list of cool gaming names that you can use online:

  1. Retrofuturist
  2. Achievement Hunter
  3. FinalBoss
  4. RifleBunny
  5. Feedfest
  6. Warriorcode
  7. IRLadmin
  8. Claptrap
  9. Onepercenter
  10. Enderstone
  11. Cyberfunk
  12. JustSpawned
  13. Fragmovie Material
  14. Agoth
  15. Omenite
  16. Artificial Aim
  17. Raven
  18. SureReal
  19. HeadshotCarnival
  20. CursedPixel
  21. Timepool
  22. LargeCrate
  23. Disguised Medic
  24. Transparent Spy
  25. Scythe
  26. Faceme
  27. Jawbone
  28. Deathpulse
  29. Highbreed
  30. Slicer
  31. BladeHail
  32. Eternitix
  33. Soundstep
  34. Exort
  35. Metashift
  36. Purged
  37. Sharded
  38. MindBlank
  39. Warpath
  40. Netherfly
  41. DigitalAncestor
  42. Novabreak
  43. Bloodhoof
  44. EternalPurity
  45. Ignite
  46. Frostbite
  47. Aquadate
  48. Khonshu
  49. Mind Orb
  50. Grassed
  51. AltToon
  52. Fusion
  53. Exodus
  54. Manaleak
  55. Psyphoon
  56. Glacialized
  57. Hoarfrost
  58. Icedance
  59. Warforged
  60. Parabellum

3. Best Gaming Names


Some gaming names are just way too good, so we have to categorize them as being the very best. Good thing there are many of them in here that you can use as well.

  1. Odium
  2. Equinox
  3. Allure
  4. Exile
  5. Crescent
  6. Impulse
  7. Flourish
  8. Dredge
  9. KiHuntress
  10. VengeanceLeap
  11. Dissolved
  12. MoonlightSteel
  13. Pyroclasm
  14. TheAxiom
  15. MiniPotion
  16. InfiniteInterest
  17. Kircheis
  18. Hades
  19. Navori
  20. Sniperlens
  21. Wittinex
  22. Moonslide
  23. Nextellent
  24. Zodeis
  25. Aethric
  26. Valorant
  27. Broodwarden
  28. Kamigunna
  29. Tarnished
  30. Nevertry
  31. Scryfall
  32. Clarion
  33. Riskfree
  34. Unfathomed
  35. Hallowed
  36. Staggerfest
  37. Keralia
  38. Cloudchaser
  39. Elderhall
  40. DigitalSaint
  41. Angorath
  42. Escalade
  43. Seer
  44. Pennywise
  45. Lordthos
  46. RadialSquare
  47. Eighanjjo
  48. Guildmage
  49. Pilgrim
  50. Brinelette
  51. Rystopian
  52. Eeriecult
  53. CancelCulture
  54. Petrigaze
  55. PsychicLeak
  56. Sunweb
  57. Morphinex
  58. Rookie
  59. Balothette
  60. Revered
  61. Synapse
  62. Flare
  63. Azzoth
  64. Tempestfall
  65. Squelch
  66. DraftingDemigod
  67. Wizardrix
  68. Currentsy
  69. ScourgeForge
  70. CriticalFlex
  71. Hectic
  72. Cinderbones
  73. Essenceshift
  74. Gluntch
  75. Athereos
  76. Flashpeek
  77. Quickstrike
  78. Anachyn
  79. Valorspree
  80. Elorian
  81. Soulwide
  82. IndexxedDreams
  83. Compulsed
  84. Antihero
  85. Kitsune
  86. Runechanter
  87. SatiricalSatyr
  88. Necrotic
  89. Eyeblight
  90. Cosmic Inquisitor
  91. Malevolent
  92. Glanner
  93. Arsenite
  94. Mischievous
  95. Crowned Clown
  96. GroovyGamer
  97. TutorialDemon
  98. Danktopia
  99. Pressured
  100. Ironsight

Why Is Your Gaming Name Important?


Creating your gaming name is the first step to forming your “virtual persona” other online friends will know you by.

Some people use the same gaming name in every title (assuming it’s not taken), which allows them to form friendships and become recognized by other users they’ve met in the past.

If you’re willing to start playing multiplayer games and become a competitive player at one point, coming up with your nickname is even more important and, in most cases, mandatory.

E-Sport athletes, for example, have their own in-game names that their fans know them by. What’s interesting is that these names are even more popular and used than the athletes’ real names.

For example, it’s very common for someone to know who s1mple is but not know that his real name is Oleksandr Olehovych Kostyliev.

The same goes for other gaming icons, such as Shroud, Dr.Disrespect, summit1g, and many more.

Creating your gaming name is also very important if you’re playing most of your games on popular platforms such as Steam, Epic, and Origin, as the name of your account will apply and be set as your in-game name for most titles you play there.

If you ever become popular and start broadcasting your gameplay, others need to be able to recognize you as the same person, which is why streamers use the same in-game name for their Twitch channels as well.

Shortly put, your in-game name is how the rest of the world gets to know you during your virtual adventures.

But, how exactly does one come up with a creative and appealing gaming name, you might wonder? Take a look at the following section for more information on that.

How To Come Up With A Unique Gaming Name – Gamertag


Creating your own gamer tag or in-game name, as most prefer to refer to it, is a process that can take a while and typically requires trial and error. Some users change dozens of names until they come up with one that both appears and sounds appealing in a video game.

With that said, don’t get disappointed if you don’t like the first name you’ve come up with. And, if you’re not sure how to start, here are the key rules we recommend following when creating your gamertag.

1. Decide What You Want To Achieve With It


If you are not a dedicated, competitive gamer and you simply prefer having fun, therefore creating your gaming name is just for the sake of it, perhaps going for a humorous, “lighter” name will suit your cause better.

However, if you want a name that you’ll use throughout your entire gaming career, opt for something more serious.  

2. Don’t Overcomplicate


Gaming names don’t need to be very long, and they certainly don’t need to have a meaning. You don’t have to use words that are actual words when creating yours.

In fact, you can create your own word that doesn’t mean anything, but it’s catchy and looks good in-game.

Gaming names can be a combination of multiple words, they can be one long word, or they can be just a few letters, sometimes even one or two (although most games have a limit and require at least five characters).

You can use the abbreviations of your authentic name with an appended sign or a symbol, or perhaps use the genuine nickname that you were bestowed by your companions. Anything works as long as you make it captivating and appealing.

Using your actual name for your in-game name is possible, but we advise against it to ensure your privacy and safety. Stay cautious online and be selective about who you disclose your personal information to.

3. Make It Unique


What makes a gaming name beautiful is the unique factor. If you have a name that you created and it’s one of a kind, using it in-game is even more enjoyable.

There are many ways to make your in-game name unique, but the most important thing is not to copy someone else’s name, no matter how uncreative you’re feeling at the moment.

Making your gamertag unique is easy if you include a combination of letters and numbers, as that drastically lowers the chances of someone else using the same combination as you.

Most platforms won’t allow users to register a username if it’s already taken.

4. Avoid Offensive Elements

Offensive or Swearing

Last but not least, you shouldn’t use offensive elements in your in-game name, even though it may have a funny reason behind it. We should strive to keep the gaming community friendly and pleasant to be in.

On top of that, offensive elements will get you banned from most games, sometimes automatically and sometimes as a result of a moderator’s decision.

Keep your name as friendly as possible, and don’t forget there are young members of the gaming community playing as well.


So there you have it. You now know quite a bit of gaming name examples, as well as how to come up with your own one.

Feel free to use a name from our lists or use one or multiple as an inspiration to put together your gamertag.

Don’t be afraid to change your gaming name until you find one that suits you best. It’s a process that can last a bit longer, but it’s very worth it once you get it right and feel comfortable with your new online gaming identity.

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