Fix: Discord RTC Connecting No Route Error

Are you getting a No Route error on Discord? Does it say RTC Connecting or No Route in a red text? The fix is easy, fortunately. Here's how you do it.

Discord has pretty stable servers that are supporting millions of concurrent users every day. It is a consistent platform where you can easily establish a channel of communication with your friends.

However, it’s not rare to have trouble connecting to those servers. When that happens, you will usually see an RTC Connection No Route error at the bottom left of your Discord window.

Whether the issue is at your end or Discord’s, you should try several fixes so you can continue talking with your friends.

Fix 1: Restart Discord

If you are getting the RTC connection error, your Discord desktop application is most likely having trouble connecting to the Discord servers.

To try and reestablish that connection, you should restart the application. In most cases, this is all you have to do to fix the issue.

Once the app is reset, try joining a voice channel and see whether you will get that same RTC connection error.

If you do, try some of the other fixes.

Fix 2: Restart Computer

When restarting Discord does not work, your second-best solution would be to restart your computer entirely. This will reset everything, so if there was some kind of conflict between Windows and Discord servers, everything should be resolved.

While your computer is restarting, it may be a good idea to reset your modem/router too. By doing this, you will ensure that this problem is not because of your setup. At least, not with your internet.

Once the router resets and you have an internet connection, join a voice channel and you should be able to hear and talk to other users.

Fix 3: Change Voice Region

As previously mentioned, it’s not rare for Discord’s servers to cause problems to an entire voice channel or a certain individual. The servers are quite stable most of the time, but they aren’t perfect.

If you believe this is the case, here is what you can do (only if you are an Admin on the server):

  1. Hover over the voice channels that are having issues and click the cogwheel
  2. Under the Overview tab, there will be a Region Override dropdown menu
  3. Now select any region you want.
  4. Select a different region from the current one (preferably one closest to your location).

Tell everyone to rejoin the channel to see whether this has resolved your issue.

If you don’t have the administrative rights to make this change, you should inform the Admin to change the voice region for you.

Fix 4: Disable Your VPN

Users have reported that they have difficulty using certain Discord servers while connected through a VPN. It’s not exactly clear why that is happening, but if you are running a VPN, it’s best to try and disable it.

This is not an ideal solution, but at least you will know what is causing you the RTC Connecting/No Route errors.

Try a different VPN program or check whether yours has a UDP feature. If it does, enable it. This should allow you to comfortably use Discord even with a VPN enabled.

Fix 5: Windows Firewall – Allow Outgoing Connections for Discord

The Firewall is the last line of defense for every Windows computer out there. It monitors every outgoing and ongoing connection to the PC. For certain connections, the firewall asks you whether you want to allow it or now.

 For most connections, the firewall itself decides whether a certain connection is safe or not.

However, in some cases, Windows Firewall can make the wrong decision and block certain connections that are not harmful in any way.

The firewall might be blocking your computer from establishing a steady connection to the Discord servers, causing an RTC connecting and No Route error.

To allow outgoing connections for Discord, you will need to go through the Windows Firewall settings. Here is how you can do that:

  1. Search and open Windows Defender Firewall in the Start Menu.
  2. This will open a control panel. On the leftmost side of the window, select Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall.
  3. In the new window, you will see a large list of applications. Scroll down until you see Discord and tick both the Private and Public boxes and press OK (If the boxes are greyed out, click on the Change settings button).
  4. If you don’t see the Discord app on this list, select Allow another app…
  5. Click on Browse and select the Discord.exe file which is by default located in C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Local\Discord\app-0.0.309.
  6. Once the app has been manually added, go through Step 3 again and press OK to close Windows Firewall.

By editing the firewall settings, you have successfully allowed Discord to form a stable communication with the servers.

The RTC Connecting and No Route errors are certainly one of the more annoying issues with Discord, but you can easily get rid of those errors if you try these five fixes shared above.

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