Fix: You Are Being Rate Limited On Discord

If you've come across "you are being rated limited" on Discord, it can be pretty annoying. Check out these fixes on how to get around it.

We all utilize Discord for a valid reason. It is highly accessible and uncomplicated to navigate in comparison to other platforms.

And, like all applications, Discord has its ups and downs. However, when those downs start, it may seem like there’s no solution in sight.

One common issue that seems impossible to fix is the “You Are Being Rate Limited On Discord.”

So what does being rate-limited mean, and how can it be fixed?

Let’s explore the potential reasons and solutions!

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What Does Being Rate Limited Mean?

You Are Being Rate Limited On Discord

Discord’s team of developers have implemented rate limiting as protection from spammers, automatons, or anyone with malicious intentions against Discord’s servers.

This can happen when you continuously spam to use a specific action.

For example, you get an invite to a server and click on the “Join Server” button, but nothing happens. So naturally, you will start clicking that same button hoping you will join the server. But, instead of joining, the Discord rate limits you for security reasons.

So, what can you do to fix this?

Fix 1: Wait A Few Minutes


The best solution for this problem is just to be patient. You’ll need to wait between 5 and 30 minutes until Discord gives you back the permission.

Once the rate limit is removed, try to be more careful next time not to spam any buttons, or you might get limited again.

However, waiting does not always work, so you may have to try other fixes.

Fix 2: Restart Discord


If you don’t have the time to wait half an hour just so you can use Discord, it might be a good idea to restart the application. This could force Discord to remove the rate limit.

Keep in mind that this solution doesn’t always work, but it won’t hurt to try.

Fix 3: Connect To A Different Network

WiFi Network

Another easy fix you could try to get rid of the rate limit is switching to a different network. If there is any other WiFi in your area, connect to it and then try to use Discord.

Different Network

Alternatively, you can use your phone’s Wireless Hotspot.

Enabling WiFi Hotspot on Android:

Open Android Settings – Connections – Mobile Hotspot – Add a network name and password, and then enable.

Or Drag down to open Quick Settings Tray – Enable Hotspot

Mobile Hotspot

Enabling WiFi Hotspot on iOS:

Go into Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot > Add password and enable Allow Others To Join.

WiFi Hotspot on iOS
Image source:

With a network name and password in place, connect from your computer and test if you’re still rate-limited.

Fix 4: Restart Your Router


Try this solution if you don’t have access to an alternative network or can’t seem to make mobile hotspot work.

Just unplug your router and plug it in after a couple of minutes. This restart should do an IP reset which can help resolve your issue.

Fix 5: Use The Discord Browser App


The browser app should be your go-to solution whenever you have issues with the Discord desktop application, at least until you resolve the problem.

Just head over to the official Discord website and click on Open Discord in your browser.

Discord Browser

You can now use the app without any restrictions.

If the “You are being rate limited” issue occurred while using the Discord app, try switching the browser. It doesn’t matter whether you use Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Opera; the solution should work either way.

Fix 6: Contact Discord Support

Contact Support

If it seems like you’ve been hexed by this problem and none of these solutions work, now may be a good moment to reach out to Discord’s assistance.

The simplest way to achieve that is by sending a request/ticket.

Select Help & Support, specify your issue, upload a couple of screenshots of the error, and then submit the ticket. Make sure to use the email that’s tied with your Discord account.

The support team should contact you by email after a day or two.

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