How To Show What Game You’re Playing On Discord

Some friends may want to see what game you're playing on Discord, but how do you do that? Check out this step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Even though Discord is popular in schools and companies, its main population is still gamers. That is why Discord is full of features that make a gamer’s life just a little bit easier.

One of those features is the ability to show server members and friends exactly which game you are playing. Users can even request to join you through Discord if it’s a multiplayer game.

If a particular game does not appear on your Discord playing status, you’ll have to arrange it.

Here’s how!

Activate Discord Playing Status

First things first, let’s activate the Discord status option by following these steps:

  1. Look to the bottom-left of your screen next to your username; you should see a cogwheel. Click it.
    Discord Settings Button
  2. On the options menu on the left, scroll down until you spot “Activity Status.”
  3. Once you enter this tab, the first option will be “Display current activity as a status message.” Enable it!
    Display current activity as a status message on Discord

Now, the Discord gaming status feature is active, but hold on, don’t exit User Settings yet. Launch any game on your computer to check if Discord recognizes it. You will find this just below the choice you recently turned on.

No game detected

If it continues to say, “No game detected,” like in our example above, there’s more you need to do.

Adding The Game To Your Discord Library

Usually, Discord detects most games, but if you’re playing some lesser-known/indie game, you’ll have to add it manually. That’s easy too.

You can see in the image above that there’s a blue Add it! button. Click on it and use the dropdown menu to select your game.

blue Add it button

It needs to be listed here. You can also add regular programs/apps as games. When you choose the right game, just click Add Game, and it’s done.

Now let’s check out if Discord is showing which game you are playing! Go back to any server, open the Member List and find your profile.

Find your Discord profile

And there it stands!

Every fellow server member should be capable of seeing which game you’re playing if you follow these steps.

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