Fix: Discord Keeps Disconnecting And Reconnecting

Are you having trouble with Discord? Does Discord keep disconnecting and reconnecting for some reason? Here are all the possible solutions to this issue.

Discord is the go-to communication app for many communities, but it’s definitely not perfect. The servers can go down from time to time or the app itself can break or get bugged.

One of the more common issues users face is when Discord randomly disconnects. This is usually followed by Discord’s popular sound of disconnecting and reconnecting, so it’s not something you can miss.

If you are having this kind of issue, here is a list of common and unique fixes.

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Fix 1: Check Internet Connection

It might sound a bit ridiculous since you have the internet to read this article, but your internet connection might be the cause of Discord disconnecting randomly.

However, the solution to this problem depends on whether this issue happens once or twice throughout the day and lasts only for a couple of minutes? Or, does this happen throughout the entire day?

Fix 1.1

If it happens only a few times, it might be because of your router’s IP reset. IP resets are usually set to happen every 12 or 24 hours, depends on how your ISP has set up your router. This is what’s called Dynamic IP which is much easier to deploy while static IP requires manual configuration.

The best solution would be to write down or rig an alarm to remind you of an incoming IP reset. Alternatively, you can try configuring your computer/router to have a Static IP, but that is a bit more complicated.

Fix 1.2

If the issue persists throughout the entire day, it might be because you have a bad or unstable internet connection.

For those on a Wi-Fi connection, we recommend improving the signal either by bringing the device and router closer together or by installing a wireless repeater. Alternatively, switch to a wired connection.

Keep in mind, the problem with your internet connection might not be on your end. In that case, we recommend calling your ISP to resolve the issue.

Fix 2: Check Discord’s Status

Discord’s servers are rarely down, but it’s not entirely impossible for such an event. Crashes do happen and if you are trying to join a voice channel in those moments, you will probably get constantly disconnected from it.

To ensure that the issue is not on your end, we suggest checking out Discord’s Status site. This website has live information regarding Discord’s API, Media Proxy, Search or Push Notification servers.

checking Discord status

The website also shows a timeline of the servers’ uptime and at which time they’ve been down. Usually, they are up 99.95% of the time. For extensive server information, expand the Voice tab. Here you can find information on specific servers based on their location.

If everything is green on Discord’s side, your issue will need to be resolved locally.

Note: When Discord’s servers are down, there’s nothing much you can do but wait

Fix 2.1: Change Voice Channel Server Region

If the Discord Status page shows that certain servers are down, it might be a good idea to try changing the voice channel’s region.

To do that, go to Discord and head into your server. Right-click a voice channel, select Edit Channel, and then to the Overview tab. Under Region Override, expand the menu and select a server nearest to your location. E.g. choose Russia if based in Europe.

Or, try putting it on Automatic.

Fix 3: Restart Your Computer

Restarting a computer is a universal solution for a lot of problems. It sounds simple, but it might save you some time in troubleshooting.

So, before you start implementing other fixes, just try doing a quick restart, start Discord, and join a voice channel. If the same issue persists, continue with the fixes listed below.

Fix 4: Run Discord As Administrator

Another quick and simple solution would be to run Discord as an administrator. Running a program as an administrator can help bypass certain inbound and outbound rules, allowing the user to establish a proper connection to a certain server/voice channel.

Fix 5: Turn Off Your VPN

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs can be useful for a lot of things. They can boost your privacy and online safety. They can also help with regional restrictions.

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However, some applications, like Discord, may have trouble establishing proper connections with a VPN user. Usually, this leads to constant disconnect/reconnects.

Try turning off your VPN or switching over to the same region as the voice channel or at least one that is closer. Once you do this, you should stop disconnecting from Discord.

Virtual Private Network or VPN

If you aren’t a user of a VPN program, continue reading.

Fix 6: Force Discord Update

Discord gets updated quite often, so it is possible that you’ve somehow missed one of those updates.

The easiest method to force discord to update is by restarting the app itself. Once you run it again, it should update automatically.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Fortunately, there is a way you can force the update. Either by using the dedicated update button on Discord or by uninstalling, downloading the latest version, and installing that one.

Discord update or download

Fix 7: Update Windows

Updating Windows might not seem related to Discord’s issues, but it’s not uncommon for a specific update to brick some applications. Often, that update is quickly replaced with a fix which is why it is worth trying to update Windows.

To update your Windows to its latest version, open the Start Menu, and type Windows Update. Select Windows Update settings and then click on Check for updates.

Check for updates button under Windows Update

After the Windows update, try updating Discord again and then run it.

Fix 8: Try The Browser App

If none of the solutions above are working for you, it might be a good idea to switch over to the Discord browser app.

The issues you have with the desktop app are probably unrelated to the browser application, so you shouldn’t have any trouble from then on.

Fix 9: Contact Discord Support

Not everyone will have luck with the fixes above. If you simply cannot get rid of the disconnecting and reconnecting issues, it might be best to contact Discord support.

Make sure to specify exactly what your issue is and which solutions you have tried. Telling them about your troubleshooting will help them pinpoint the solution

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