How To See What Discord Servers Someone Is In

Curious to see what servers your friends are in? Here are all the possible methods to determine just that. Find out all their joined servers now!

With so many servers and huge communities on Discord, you’re bound to meet dozens of other people sharing your interests.

However, it’s easy to lose track of these new friends, especially if your friend’s list is made out of hundreds of users.

Fortunately, there is one trick you can use to figure out where you’ve met a certain user. You can achieve that by checking out which Discord server someone is in.

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Checking Mutual Servers Of A Discord User

The only way to see what Discord server someone is in is by Discord’s built-in Mutual Servers feature. It allows you to see which servers you are sharing with that particular user.

Here’s how you can use that feature:

  1. Open Discord.
  2. Expand a server’s Member List or head to your Friend List.
  3. Find the right user, right-click their name, and select Profile.
    selecting Discord user Profile
  4. Once the user’s profile is open, head into Mutual Servers.
    selecting Discord user Mutual Servers
  5. Under this tab, you should be able to see all of the mutual servers you have with that particular member. In our case, the only server in common with the bot MEE6 is our PC Strike Discord Server.

That’s it! Unfortunately, there are no alternative ways you can check which server’s a user has been in, but we hope that this feature will at least be of some use to you.

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