Best Discord Bots 2021

Every good Discord server features bots. Here is the ultimate and most up-to-date list of the best Discord bots around right now.

Discord by itself is a great VoIP platform because of its simple UI and many features. What’s more, is the fact that Discord allows the implementation of custom-made bots. Bots that have been created to handle music, server moderation, announcements, patch notes, and a lot more.

However, implementing the right bots is also essential for the success of one server.

To help you pick the right bots, here is a list of some of the best and most popular Discord bots.

Let’s jump right into it!

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MEE6 – All-Round Best Bot

Discord and MEE6 Bot

The MEE6 bot is an all-around great solution for all Discord servers. We recommend this to everyone who wants an intuitive and easy-to-set-up bot. It is especially good for admins controlling smaller communities.

It includes moderation, reaction roles, alerts for Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch.

The alerts feature lets you create a notification system to inform you whenever a certain content creator starts streaming on Twitch or posts on Twitter.

The reaction role feature is also quite useful. It allows server members to choose their roles based on Discord reactions. A quick way to manage roles.

The option to create custom commands is also available.

MEE6’s advantage is the variety of customization available. However, it’s also an option to leave MEE6 as is (default settings) if you don’t have the time to make any adjustments.

For gaming communities, we recommend utilizing the MEE6 server leveling system. Gamers love gaining XP, leveling up, and with that, new permissions.

MEE6 can act as a music bot to making it the best in all worlds.

Fred Boat – Best Music Bot

Discord and FredBoat Bot

The best bot isn’t always the one that can do everything. It is good to have a few that specialize in certain subjects. Fred Boat for example specializes in music and it is currently the best one for it.

While it cannot play music from Spotify it can play songs from YouTube (for now), Soundcloud, Bandcamp and supports livestreams from Twitch too.

With the appropriate commands, music is easily controlled. To find the list of commands head over to the website or by mentioning Fred Boat on the server.

Another useful feature is the visualized music player on their website. To use it, just queue a song on Discord and the bot will immediately respond with a link to the music player.

Finally, Fred Boat seems to be a solid music bot choice simply because it doesn’t rely on YouTube too much. So, even if Google decides to block the bot from using the YouTube platform, there’s still Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

ProBot – Best Moderation Bot

Discord and Probot

One more multipurpose and fully customizable bot, most commonly used for server moderation. Currently, on (Discord bot rating website), ProBot is the top-voted moderation bot. And, there’s a good reason for that.

It comes with all features you would expect from such a bot such as auto-moderation, announcements, welcome messages, welcome images too, a leveling system similar to MEE6 and it can play music.

ProBot’s interface is another thing to complement. Designing your welcome image, using the Embed System and the Automod system is a lot more intuitive than inputting basic commands.

For handling larger communities, we recommend checking out the server analysis/statistics feature as it can be extremely, especially for larger communities. You can check out the number of joins/leaves, total members, number of messages, and a lot more.

Epic RPG – Best RPG Bot

Discord and Epic RPG Bot

A bit different from some of the other bots on this list. Epic RPG is solely dedicated to building a text-based RPG (role-playing game) in a Discord server.

These types of bots can be used to increase the activity in one server. Members can go together into dungeons, find loot, fight PVP, PVE, and more.

There’s even the option of picking a class, leveling up, adding new skills/stats, etc. It is almost like a full-fledged RPG.

Hydra – Alternative Music Bot

Discord and Hydra Bot

If for any reason you don’t want to use Fred Boat or if it has been shut down (like what happened to Rhythm), a solid alternative is Hydra. Hydra does not support YouTube, but it does support Spotify playlist links.

Hydra does also come with admin commands so you can use it for moderation too. There’s an option to go Premium too, but we don’t recommend it as the extra features aren’t exactly worth it. Still, it is good to support these kinds of projects as most of them are completely free.

Dank Memer –  Best Global Currency System

Discord and Dank Memer Bot

A not-so-serious bot, great for keeping things fresh and a light mood too. Dank Memer is mostly used to post random memes either through text, images, or videos.

There are a couple of games added to it such as connect 4, guess, rock paper scissors, tic tac toe, trivia, and more.

The uniqueness of the Dank Memer bot is the global currency system. The idea itself isn’t what makes it unique, but how it is executed. Users can use their balance to purchase items, “upgrade” their profiles, rob other users, deposit, beg, and much more. This makes for a hilarious text channel experience.

Check out Dank Memer’s command list and you can see exactly what you can do with it.

Honorable Mentions

Discord and Dyno Bot

There are hundreds of great bots out there. If you check out many of the bot ranking websites, you won’t know which one you should get for your server. Naturally, we couldn’t fit all of them in this list, so here are a few honorable mentions.

  • DynoA universal bot similar to MEE6 with customizable moderation settings. It comes with a web dashboard to make things easier and more intuitive for first-time bot admins. Currently, there are more than 5 million servers that are using Dyno, so you can imagine that it is pretty good.
  • Raid-Helper– Not useful for all types of servers, but absolutely needed for Discord communities dedicated to raiding in games such as World of Warcraft, Destiny 2, New World, Diablo 3, etc.  Dungeons and raids always require a lot of planning and organizing, Raid-Helper can help you plan them.
  • Craig– This bot’s sole purpose is to record audio. It can be pretty useful for studying/learning Discord servers. Whenever Craig bot joins a voice channel, it will start recording all speakers. Once done, you should get a link to the recording. You will also get a separate audio track for every member in the voice channel.

Final Words On Discord Bots

Above are some of the most widely used and best bots for Discord. However, that doesn’t mean they will fit right into your server. If you are running a community for a certain niche, we recommend doing a bit more research to try a find a bot dedicated to that niche.

Or, if you are running a simple server with just a few dozen friends, there probably is no need of setting up a moderation bot such as MEE6 or Dyno. A simple music bot is more than enough to keep things interesting.

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