How To Tell If Someone Deleted Their Discord Account

Is it easy to tell if someone deleted their Discord account? How can you tell? This guide shows you exaclty how you can tell with screenshots included.

With the ever-growing, already huge community on Discord, you’re bound to make at least a couple of online friends on this platform.

However, if your only form of communication with these people is through Discord, you won’t be able to talk to them anymore if they block you or delete their account.

So, how can you be sure why they’ve stopped talking to you? Did they block you? Or maybe they just got their account deleted?

Let’s find a solution to these inquiries!

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How To Spot A Deleted Discord Account

It’s hard to confuse a removed account with being blocked because these two things seem quite distinct on Discord. Also, you can verify if you’ve been blocked.

On the other hand, deleted accounts appear as “DeletedUser#1234″. Note that those numbers after the hash sign are the same numbers used as the original user’s ID.

Here’s an illustration:

Discord User Bar

If we were to delete our PC Strike account on Discord, you would see “DeletedUser#7119”.

So, whenever you see an account with a DeletedUser name in your friends’ list, a server’s member list, or in chat, know that it has been deleted.

How To Find Out If Someone Deleted Their Account

You just need their name and ID to verify if a specific account has been deleted.

Once you have that, head over to Discord, click on the Home button (top-left) and go into the Friends tab.

Under Add Friend, type the username and ID of your friend, and then hit Send Friend Request.

Discord Deleted User

If you receive a prompt that the request has been sent successfully, then the account still exists. However, if you receive an error, this could indicate that the Discord account is now deleted.

Discord Friend Request Failed

It could also be a sign that you have misspelled the username or the wrong ID.

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