Discord Streamer Mode Guide

Are you a streamer? If you are, you NEED to enable these Discord settings in order to protect yourself from leaks and make it easier to use Discord.

Discord remains a widely acclaimed gaming communication platform nowadays. Many professional gamers, streamers, and players worldwide use it regularly.

However, if you plan to utilize Discord while streaming, you must safeguard your personal details, as well as the server’s information.

Thankfully, Discord has implemented a feature called “Streamer Mode,” which provides you with precisely that kind of protection.

This brief guide will assist you in getting it ready.

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How To Enable Streamer Mode

  1. To access this feature, start Discord and open User Settings (click the cogwheel in the bottom left corner).
    Discord Streamer Mode Opening Settings
  2. On the left side of your screen, you will see a list of different tabs. Under App Settings, click the Streamer Mode tab.
    Discord Streamer Mode Opening Streamer Mode Settings
  3. Flick the switch to enable it. (You can add a keyboard shortcut to enable or disable this feature quickly)
    Discord Streamer Mode Opening Streamer Mode Setting

Optimizing Streamer Mode Options

You have activated Streamer Mode, but there are additional settings to improve.

  • Automatically Enable/Disable
    If you enable this setting, Streamer Mode will automatically activate if you start OBS or XSplit on your computer.
  • Hide Personal Information
    Hides most of your personal information, including your name, email address, notes, connected accounts, etc.
    Hide Invite Links
    Hides invite links for the currently open Discord server. This is to prevent viewers from accessing your private servers.
  • Disable Sounds
    Automatically disables all Discord sound effects, such as entering and leaving voice channels, messages with mentions, etc.
  • Disable Notifications
    Completely disables all notifications.
    Discord Streamer Mode Disable Notifications

That’s all there is to it. Now you can finally stream safely without worrying about leaking any personal information to your viewers.

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