Discord Bot Guide (Rhythm bot, Mee6 bot, Groovy bot and more)

Make your Discord server better with Discord bots. Here's the ultimate Discord bot guide featuring Rhythm bot, Mee6 bot, Groovy bot and more!

Creating a Discord server is quick and easy, but properly managing one takes a bit more effort!

To efficiently offload some of the work you need to put into the server, you can easily add one of the many bots available. Currently, the most popular bots are MEE6, Tatsu, Arcane, ProBot, Dyno, and many more!

That’s not all though. These bots could also serve for entertainment purposes. To play music, text-based games, stat tracking, game news/updates, etc.

With this bot guide, you should be able to figure out exactly which one you need for your server.

Music Bots


Overall one of the most popular bots for Discord, especially for music.

With the list of commands, you can easily search for songs on several different platforms such as YouTube or SoundCloud.

Commands to skip, start, stop, queue, and more. With Groovy, you have full control over your playlist.

If you believe your server needs more features, it is possible to subscribe to the premium version ($5/month) to get volume control and sound effects. Whether’s that worth the money, we’ll leave it up to you to decide!


Rhythm is thought to be one of the best music bots on the platform. It’s easy to use, it comes with tons of commands, and it is rarely offline (which does happen with many bots).

To start playing a song, all you have to do is provide a link from YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, or any other platform.

The commands are pretty easy to remember and use, you won’t have any issues with that.

Again, for more features, the Premium subscription is available. The premium option removes the song length limit, adds volume control, better volume quality, and a few other great features.


It’s not as popular but could be a good addition to any Discord server. It’s also not that widespread either, which ultimately leads to less downtime and lag.

It is consistently updated, which is nice to see, there’s a set of simple commands, and it’s straightforward to use. Simple and quick to set up too!

All of these options are pretty solid, so whichever you pick, it’s a good decision.

Moderation bots


For those that are looking for good advanced automated moderating, MEE6 should be the first choice.

With the simplest set of commands, you can add a welcome message for every new user, which could be posted in a general text channel or privately sent. Your choice, of course. There’s even the option for automatic assignment of roles.

Another feature is customized announcements or messages when a person joins a voice channel.

You can automatically block certain types of content or ban users from sending such content. Automatic mutes, kicks, and much more can be applied. Effectively, it can replace the role of a human admin of your server. Not too shabby!

There are tons of other commands you can explore once you add MEE6 to the server.


Dyno delivers similar advantages and benefits to the MEE6. There’s easy automation for most management tasks.

You can view logs of deleted messages, kicked, and banned users which is useful to access for analysis.

Even with all the moderation commands, Dyno can also play music, games, flip coins, search topics, and more!

By opting for premium, you can get a set of several other features and priority customer support. If you handle multiple servers, the Premium costs $15/month for access to 5 different servers.


A great alternative to both Dyno and MEE6 is ProBot. These guys are claiming a 99.99% uptime of the bot, which is quite impressive.

It has all the features for auto-moderation you would expect, auto-responding, and supports 13 languages.

It’s also easy to operate with a nice and clean UI design.

All-in-all, every single one of these bots is optimal for Discord server moderation. If any of these don’t work for you, no problem! Switching to a different bot is not a difficult task.

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