Discord Bot Guide (Rythm bot, Mee6 bot, Groovy bot and more)

Make your Discord server better with Discord bots. Here's the ultimate Discord bot guide featuring Rhythm bot, Mee6 bot, Groovy bot and more!

Creating a Discord server is quick and simple, but managing one properly requires more effort!

To unload some of the tasks you would otherwise need to perform on the server, you can add one of the numerous available bots. Currently, the most favored bots are MEE6, Tatsu, Arcane, ProBot, Dyno, and numerous others!

Bots are not just helpful for handling your server; they can also bring joy to your server members. This involves playing songs, word games, keeping record of stats, game news or updates, and more.

With this bot guide, you should have a much better idea of which bot to choose for your server.

Note: This article is prone to frequent changes because of YouTube’s decision to start shutting down many of these music bots. Some of the best bots, such as Rythm and Groove, have already been shut down.

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Music Bots


Discord and Groovy Bot

After the closing of Rhythm and Groove, Hydra became the popular choice for many Discord servers.

When it comes to music, Hydra offers instructions for adding songs, stopping, moving forward, replaying them, etc. Regrettably, this utility has been required to remove YouTube assistance. However, it still supports Spotify.

Additionally, Hydra also has administration commands. You can use it to ban users, limit users’ DJ roles, kick, move around, announce, and a lot more. Hydra Premium brings even more DJ commands. Anything from boosting bass levels to adjusting speed.

Hydra’s web dashboard, which lets you customize the bot however you want, is also a great feature.

Fred Boat

Discord and Rhythm Bot

Fred Boat is another popular alternative after the closing of Rhythm and Groove. Although it is entirely possible that Fred Boat’s fate will end up being the same.

Either way, Fred Boat is another solid choice as a music bot for Discord. It supports YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and even Twitch. It’s possible to queue livestreams too. No support for Spotify, though.

A variety of commands are available. Playing, queueing, skipping, shuffling, and more can be executed with many of the commands that are listed on Fred Boat’s website.

The benefit of Fred Boat compared to other bots is that it allows you to see the player through a web interface. This enables you to modify your queue without relying on specific orders.


Discord and Octave Bot

Perhaps not as well known as the other music bots, Octave is still a good addition to any Discord server. Being less popular can also have benefits, as it is less likely to experience downtime and lag.

Octave is regularly updated to ensure it operates properly, the commands are uncomplicated, and it is generally straightforward to install and use.

All three of these music bots are very solid, so any choice of which to use will likely be a good one.

Moderation bots


Discord and MEE6 Bot

For server owners that are looking for advanced automated moderating, MEE6 should be the first choice.

With a simple set of commands, you can add a welcome message for every new user, either posted in a shared text channel or sent privately. There is even an option for automatic assignment of roles.

You can also include personalized announcements or messages when a user joins a voice channel.

You can automatically prevent designated categories of content and even prohibit users who share such content. Automatic mutes, kicks, and much more can be applied. If it’s set up properly, MEE6 can effectively substitute the role of a human admin of your server.

There are numerous other commands you can explore once you add MEE6 to your server.


Discord and Dyno Bot

Dyno provides similar advantages and benefits to MEE6. It offers simple automation for many management tasks.

You can view logs of deleted messages, as well as kicked and banned users, which can be useful for keeping an eye on the users on your server.

Alongside its many moderation commands, Dyno can play music and games, flip coins, search for topics, and more!

By opting for premium, you gain several other features and priority customer support. If you manage multiple servers, premium costs $15/month for use on five different servers.


Discord and Probot

A great alternative to Dyno and MEE6 is ProBot. Its creators claim 99.99% uptime, which makes it one of the most reliable bots available.

ProBot has all the expected auto-moderation features, auto-response, and supports 13 languages.

It is also easy to operate with a simple, intuitive user interface design.

Each of these bots is optimal for Discord server moderation. If any one of them doesn’t work for you, don’t worry! Switching to a different bot is quick and very easy.

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