Fix: Mo’ Creatures Mobs Invisible In Minecraft

Are mobs invisible when using Mo' Creatures in Minecraft? Here's why it happens and what you can do in order to fix it so you can view mobs again.

Modifying Minecraft is a fun and creative process that allows users to customize their in-game experience by installing files that add a whole different element to the game, whether that’s purely for aesthetic or gameplay-altering purposes.

However, modifying the original game files can often lead to bugs, errors, and things not working as they should, as it’s a delicate procedure that not always goes according to plan.

In this guide, we’ll cover an issue that users experience when modifying Minecraft with the “Mo’ Creatures” mod, so without further ado, let’s get right into it.

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The Problem Explained

There are Minecraft mods available on the internet, some more popular than others, but the one we’ll be covering in this guide is the Mo’ Creatures mod created by DrZhark in 2010.

This specific Minecraft mod adds more than forty new monsters and creatures to the game, which, compared to the number of available ones in the original version, is quite a lot. The mod also allows the player to tame and ride some of the newly added monsters within the game, which is a great concept.

However, many users who installed this mod reported a problem, stating that all of the newly-added mobs and creatures are invisible and cannot be interacted with.

Minecraft user report Mo’ Creatures mobs are invisible

This makes the entire mod unusable, as the main feature of it is the list of newly-added monsters into the game. Yet, players experiencing this problem can only see their shadows, which makes interacting (such as taming) impossible. 

Minecraft Mo' Creatures Mobs Invisible

Also, this specific problem doesn’t have an error message or anything pointing out the cause, so most users are often confused and unsure of what to do next when dealing with this issue.

Fortunately, we know precisely how to resolve this, and we’re about to demonstrate you how in the sections below.

Fix 1: Re-Download The Mod Files Using Chrome


Some users reported that downloading the Mo’ Creatures mod files using Firefox was the cause of the problem. This is because Firefox renamed the files by adding “plus” signs in the file name between each word, which made the game unable to read it correctly.

After re-downloading the files through Chrome, the name was accurately written with dashes instead of addition signs, which led to the successful functioning of the mod.

We haven’t tested this with all alternative browsers, so we aren’t quite sure if you can choose something other than Chrome, but we recommend going with that one as it is confirmed to work.

Also, we recommend downloading the mod files only from the Mo’ Creatures official website, as some third-party websites that have modified versions of the same files have been reported to contain viruses and malware.

We made a useful video that explains the whole process in detail, and other users in the comments have verified that the files in it are safe to download.

This may assist you in resolving the issue of invisible creatures, as it has aided many other Minecraft users. However, if it does not, you can attempt other solutions by reviewing the additional sections below.

Fix 2: Ensure Your Antivirus And Firewall Are Not Blocking The Files


Since we already mentioned viruses and malware, it’s also worth noting that sometimes even when you download the Mo’ Creatures mod files from the official website, your antivirus or Windows firewall can still mistake them for harmful files and issue an action, such as blocking your access to them and putting them in quarantine.

With some of the files missing, you won’t be able to properly install the mod.

In such cases, we recommend disabling your Antivirus of Windows Firewall, at least temporarily, until you install the files. But, as mentioned above, only do this when you’re sure that the files you’ve just downloaded are entirely safe, which they are if you got them from the official website.

Fix 3: Make Sure Your Minecraft Version Supports The Mod

Minecraft or Block

Unfortunately, the Mo’ Creatures mod is not as actively developed as it once was, and you can find proof of this within the official DrZhark GitHub repository.

With that said, if you are trying to install the files on a new version of Minecraft for which this mod was not adapted to work with, you may find out that it is not loading properly or isn’t being recognized by the game at all.

The best way to check all versions of the Mo’ Creatures mod and the requirements for installing the files is by visiting this specific thread within the official Minecraft forum


Hopefully, the methods in this guide helped you solve the issue with the invisible monsters in DrZhark’s Mo’ Creatures Minecraft mod like they helped other users.

Remember to always double-check the source of all Minecraft mods before downloading and installing them on your computer, and we wish you successful modding in the future!

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