How To Give Someone Admin Access On Discord

Need help managing your server? Granting admin access to someone is one way to do it. Here's the guide to giving someone access to Discord.

The control admins and owners have over their servers is what makes Discord such a good platform for communities or a place to gather with friends in general.

However, despite Discord’s user-friendly interface, it can be challenging to manage an entire server with many members, whether they number in the tens, the hundreds, or even the thousands.

In such servers, it’s advisable to have several mods or, even better, administrators.

If you are wondering how to give admin access to Discord, this guide will explain that in detail.

Let’s create the admin role first!

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Creating The Admin Role

Before you can assign a user with an admin role, you’ll need to create it first.

Here’s how you can do that:

  1. While Discord is open, head over to Server Setting by clicking on the server name (top-left.)
    Discord Server Settings
  2. Open the Roles tab and then hit the blue Create Role button.
  3. Here we’ll need to assign permissions for the admin role. You can either choose the permissions yourself or just enable the Administrator permissions. So, click on the Permissions tab, scroll down all the way to the bottom and enable Administrator.
    Discord Administrator Permissions
  4. Before you save the changes, you can also give it a name, a color, or other customizations.
    Discord Administrator

Assigning The Role

With the role ready, let’s assign it to the right person.

  1. While in Server Settings, head over to the Members tab.
  2. In this list of members, find your future server admin. You can use the search bar to find the right user quickly.
  3. Click on the plus icon and select the newly created role.
    Discord Server Members

Congratulations! You now have an admin to help you with managing the server.

Please keep in mind that this user will now be authorized to perform various tasks, such as deleting messages and banning users. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully choose the appropriate individual. Also, note that even though you have control over the server, an administrator still possesses the ability to cause harm.

If you don’t feel at ease granting this level of authority to a single user, think about including moderation bots to your server.

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