What Is Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol, And Should It Be Enabled?

Stumbled upon Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol but not sure what it is? Here's the ultimate guide which explains what it is and if you need it.

Your internet connection is not performing as it should, leading to a sudden urge to tweak and modify settings within your operating system.

Still, if one is not aware of the exact function of each setting, tinkering with them can often lead to adverse effects instead of beneficial ones.

With that said, we often see users ask questions about their network settings, mentioning the Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor protocol and wondering if it’s supposed to be active on their computers or not.

The guide below answers this question in detail, so without further ado, let’s get started.

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What Is The Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol?

To understand whether you need this setting, you have to know exactly what it is and its purpose.

Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol

This is a kernel-level device driver used for NIC linking, commonly known as Network Interface Card bonding. NIC bonding is used for the purpose of connecting two or more network cards to achieve broader network bandwidth or fault tolerance.

The image below features a screenshot taken from a forum thread where a Microsoft technical specialist explained this feature (setting) to one of the users.

Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol explained

Kernel-mode drivers (also known as ring-0 drivers) intimidate users at first sight due to the limitless permissions and control they have over a computer, which is probably one of the main reasons why users are concerned about this setting, especially when it’s enabled.

You can read more about Kernel in this informative Wikipedia guide.  

The Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol is typically disabled by default on most computers. Chances are it is disabled for you as well, as Windows automatically switches the setting off if your computer utilizes only one adapter.

If you do, however, use more than one adapter, then this setting could be on, and you should keep it like that for the added benefits, such as increased bandwidth.

When attempting to enable this setting while using only one adapter, you’ll encounter a message saying: “Your current selection will also disable the following features: Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol. Are you sure you want to disable these feature(s)?”

selection will disable Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol

If you click “Yes,” you will simply go back to the previous window, and the options will remain disabled. Keep in mind, this occurs only if your personal computer utilizes just one adapter.

Also, despite this function operating on ring-0, it’s a built-in Windows feature by Microsoft, so it’s completely safe to use and cannot be exploited or abused in any way unless your computer is already vulnerable security-wise.

Should I Enable This Setting Or Keep It Disabled?

Shortly put, if this setting is already enabled on your PC, there’s a good reason for it. Leave it on, as there are a few benefits of doing so.

If it’s disabled and you cannot enable it, then it means your PC uses only one adapter, and there isn’t a need for this setting to be toggled on in the first place.  


Now you know more about the Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol feature inside your Adapter Settings Windows 10 or 11 panels. Use this information to decide whether you need to switch it on or off on your system.

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