How To Go Down A Line In Discord

Want to go down a line in Discord instead of sending the message? It's pretty easy! Here is a super simple guide on how to go down a line in Discord.

Proper communication on Discord is key, especially if you are a part of a larger community. It’s important to follow the rules, and if you’re running your own server, it’s important to enforce them.

One of the most important parts of text communication is formatting, including punctuation, hiding spoilers, adding bold, italic, etc.

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Going Down A Line (Discord Newline)

Another crucial aspect of text communication is distinguishing paragraphs. You don’t want to force your friends or other server members to read barriers of text.

You can start a new line and continue writing to make your messages clearer and easier to read.

To start a new line in Discord, use the familiar shortcut that is used in many other online platforms.

Hold Shift and press Enter.

It’s that easy! So hop onto Discord and start polishing your text.

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