How To Share And Play Spotify Music On Discord

Listening to music with your friends is possible with Discord. Here is a super simple guide on how to share and play Spotify Music on Discord.

The world’s most popular music streaming platform, Spotify made a partnership with Discord some time ago. This relationship between the two platforms means that users can connect their Spotify account with Discord to make sharing and playing Spotify music easier.

This article can help you figure out how you can utilize those features.

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Connecting Your Spotify Account To Discord

To start sharing the music you are playing on your Discord account, you will first have to create the connection. Doing that should be pretty easy. Of course, you must have a Spotify account first. If you do not have one, head over to Spotify’s sign-up page.

With an account ready, follow these steps:

  1. Open Discord and go into User Settings (cogwheel icon bottom left)
  2. Now look for the Connections tab on your left and select it
  3. In this tab, you should be able to see Spotify’s green logo. Click it.
    clicking Spotify logo under Discord Connections
  4. This will redirect you to Spotify’s website to log in. Input your email, password and hit Login.

If you followed the steps above, you should get a confirmation that your Spotify account has been connected to Discord. And with that done, now you have to adjust the settings on Discord.

Adjusting Spotify Settings On Discord

Head back into User Settings and in Connections. You should notice that new options are now available specifically for your Spotify account.

There should be two options:

  • Display on profile – this makes your Spotify account public to anyone who opens your Discord public/
  • Display Spotify as your status – this is the option you are looking for. By enabling it, the music you listen to on Spotify will be automatically shown on your profile.

Sharing Music On Discord

So, to share the music you are playing on Discord, all you have to do is just play any song you want on Spotify.

While it is playing, anyone who clicks on your Discord will display exactly what you are listening to.

Spotify music listening options on Discord
Listening options: Listen to the currently playing song (Red arrow) or Listen Along (Orange arrow).

Additionally, users on Discord will also have the option to redirect to the song you are listening to at the moment. Or, they could use the Listen Along feature which synchronizes their Spotify account with your current queue/playlist.

Of course, this is only possible if they have a Spotify (premium) account.

Sharing Spotify Music With A Discord Bot

Thanks to the many music Discord bots available, there is one more way you can share your Spotify music with other users.

First, find a suitable music bot. We recommend Hydra. Then you’ll need your own server or at least a server where you have the permission to add bots.

To add Hydra (or any other bot) look for an Invite/Add to Discord button on the bot’s website.

With a bot added to your server, head back to Spotify. Look for a particular song/album/playlist, right-click it, select Share and Copy Link.

copying link in Spotify Desktop App
Example of copying a link in the Spotify Desktop App.

With the link now ready in your clipboard, go back to Discord and call the bot with the adequate command. Usually, Discord bots can be called with a specific symbol such as an exclamation mark, period, comma, and other similar symbols.

By default, the call command for the Hydra bot is ;;.

So, giving the command to Hydra to start playing music should look like this:


Keep in mind, you will need to join a voice channel for the command to work. Once you send the command, the bot will automatically join your voice channel and start playing Spotify music.

With the right permissions, everyone should be able to hear the music from the bot.

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