How To Delete A Folder In Discord

Deleting folders in Discord and creating new ones is very easy! Check out this quick guide on deleting a folder or creating a folder in Discord

Are you aware that Discord restricts users to only 100 servers? Though it might appear to be a substantial number, a few people argue that it’s insufficient.

But how do people even organize 100 servers? Well, with the help of folders, a user can categorize servers, making it considerably easier to handle so many servers.

If you’re already familiar with folders, here’s a quick guide on deleting a Discord server folder.

We’ll also include a brief guide for creating folders.

Without further ado, let’s do it!

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How To Delete A Discord Server Folder

Discord hasn’t really clarified how to delete folders, but it is quite simple.

All you have to do is grab the servers inside the server and drag them outside of the folder. You can either put them above or below the server; it doesn’t really matter.

Discord Servers
Step 1: Two servers in a folder
Discord Remove one server
Step 2: Removing one server from the folder
Discord Remove the second server
Step 3: Removing the second server out of the folder, remove the folder permanently.

As you can see, once all servers are removed from the folder, the folder disappears.

Alternatively, you can leave the servers that are a part of the folder. Once you do, the folder will be automatically deleted.

And that’s about it!

If you are unsure how you initially made the folder, you can locate a brief explanation/guide below.

How To Create A Discord Folder

To establish a new Discord folder, you must drag one server into another, and they will automatically merge into one Discord server.

Discord Creating A Folder
Dragging one server into another

Once the folder is created, you can also customize it. Just right-click the folder and click Folder Settings.

Discord Folder Settings

You can also give the folder a name and color in this new window.

Discord Folder Name and Color

And that’s all there is to it, truly! You can now utilize this newly acquired knowledge to neatly arrange your servers on Discord.

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