How To Change Your Steam Account Name

Tired of your Steam account name or username and want to change? We got you covered with this simple guide on how to change your Steam account name.

Steam is very popular amongst gamers nowadays, as it is the home of the most widely played titles known in the world of PC-Gaming and eSports.

Counter-Strike, PUBG, and Dota 2 are just some of the examples.

Playing these games on Steam requires you to have an account with a player name already set up. Your Steam player name is how other users will see you in-game.

And, whenever somebody wants to add you to their Steam friend list, they’ll most likely look you up based on your nickname.

Thankfully, you will find a detailed and step-by-step guide on how to change your Steam username in the detailed guide below.

How To Change Your Steam Username

Before we get into the details, the following things need to be clarified for newer Steam users:

  • Your Steam account name cannot be changed under any circumstances. Steam support won’t be able to assist you with this.
  • A Steam account name is not the same as a “Profile name,” and they both serve a different purpose.
  • You use your Steam account name to log in to Steam, not your Profile name.

Now with this out of the way, you can continue changing your profile name with ease. The screenshots below will guide you through the process.

  1. Log into your Steam account. You can do this both through your browser and by downloading and installing the Steam client on your PC.
  2. Navigate to the top right corner and click on your profile name. You can also click on the other profile name, which is located on the top left. Choose whatever is easier for you as both methods will take you to your profile section.

  3. Click on “Edit profile” to access the Steam account settings. This is where you’ll find numerous different options, but the one you need is located in the “General” section on the left side.
  4. The field you need to modify is called “Profile Name.” All you have to do is set a custom profile name you want to be recognized by. You don’t have to worry about making it unique as this is not an account name, and it doesn’t have to be one-of-a-kind.

If you decide to set a pretty common name and your friends have trouble finding your Steam account, we’ve got you! We also have a guide on how to set a custom Steam URL.

Are There Any Downsides Of Changing My Steam Profile Name?

Most Steam users chose a nickname back when they were creating their account for the first time. For a lot of us, this means many years ago. Our taste for “what’s cool” was different back then. So, if you have an ancient account and you’re frowning at your profile name, now’s probably a good time to change it!

But remember: one potential downside is that many of your old Steam friends may already know you by your old nickname, so changing it all of a sudden could create some confusion.

Another possible downside is the automated Steam message that shows up to the person you’re chatting with if you’ve recently changed your profile name. Steam proactively warns against scams where people are trying to impersonate others and ask for high-value items.

The best way to check if the person you are talking to is the one you think they are is to look at their previous aliases. Navigate to their profile and do as the screenshot below instructs.

Screenshot taken from dankecz’s Steam profile

However, you still need to be careful as users can clear their previous aliases.

An example of a Steam user with a cleared alias history

Adding Custom Nicknames And Checking History (Previous Nicknames)

Some Steam users have a habit of constantly changing their profile names. Sometimes it’s only for the memes, and sometimes it’s because they got tired of their old ones – either way, it can make things confusing.

And if you have a larger friend list, things can potentially become quite chaotic.

Thankfully, Steam allows you to set custom nicknames for the people you have in your friend list and see a list of their previous names as well, which is very useful. See the screenshot below for more information.

If the screenshot above doesn’t make sense for you, here’s a text-based step-by-step guide on how to add a custom nickname to one of your friends:

  1. Left-click on the bottom right corner where it says “Friends & Chat” inside Steam’s app.
  2. After your friend list opens up, click on the little arrow pointing downwards. The arrow shows up after you hover over the name of one of your friends with your cursor.
  3. Select “Manage” and then “Add Nickname” if you wish to add a custom nickname or “Recent Names” if you wish to see the previous names of that user. This will help you identify your friends once they start changing up their nicknames regularly.


Now that you know how to change your Steam profile name, you can easily change your identity in-game and match the name better with your new profile design or avatar.

Some Steam users download plugins for friend list management, but this is not recommended as it may interfere with Valve’s Anti Cheat System (VAC), resulting in a ban. Steam already has a lot of functionality added to the social aspect of their platform, so you shouldn’t have any issues using the built-in features.

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