Discord Text Formatting Guide (Bold, Color, Italic, Strikethrough, Underline, Code Block)

Become a Discord master! Here's the best Discord text formatting guide, which includes bold, color, italic, strikethrough, underline, code block, and more!

Discord has a pretty clean UI design, so getting around the application isn’t difficult at all. You have probably already started messaging with users, joining servers, sending images or videos, etc.

However, Discord is full of all kinds of hidden features that can improve your communication—everything from bolding to coloring characters, words, or entire messages.

To help you with that, we have set up this handy guide to show you every trick in the (Discord) book.

Basic Text Formatting

How To Bold In Discord

Put your message between two double-asterisks to make it bold.


How To Italicize in Discord

For italic, you just have to put your message between one set of asterisks.


How To Cross Out Text In Discord

To put a strikethrough on a specific word of your message, you will need to add it between two tildes.


How To Underline In Discord

To underline a word, put it between two underscores.


But, that’s not all. You could also make combinations of these different formatting styles.


Bold and Italic

To add both bold and italic to your message, you will need to enclose it with three asterisks on both sides.


Underline and Italic

To get a combination of italic and underline, put it between two underscores and one asterisk, again from both sides.


Underline and Bold

To underline and bold, add two underscores and two asterisks on each side of the message.


Underline, Bold and Italic

To get all three of these, you’ll need to use all three commands – two underscores and three asterisks on each side.



You now know all the basic text formatting commands, but there is still a bit more to learn.

One of the things you should know is how to color text in Discord. But, Discord doesn’t exactly have specified commands for this. However, there is still a way you can achieve this.

You have to specify a programming language in the message to achieve that.

Here are a few examples:

Red Colored Text

To output your text in a red color, you will either have to specify CSS or Diff syntax.

Example 1:

[Make sure to add these brackets]

Example 2:

- Make sure to add this dash 

Yellow Colored Text

For yellow, you will need to use Fix syntax.


Anything between will be yellow

Green Colored Text

For different shades of green, you will need to use CSS, Diff, Bash, or JSON syntax.

Example 1:

"Make sure to add the quotation marks"

Example 2:

"Again, don’t forget the quotation marks"

Example 3:

"Quotation marks, quotation marks, quotation marks”

Example 4:

+ must use the plus sign

Code Block

To add a code block of text, you have to use three backticks on each side of the message. That character is usually located directly under the Escape key, and it should be bundled together with a tilde (~).


```You can 
add as many
lines you want```

Final Words

There is not a lot more to learn about the text formatting rules of Discord as the ones presented in this Discord formatting guide contain the most important ones.

So now, you’re ready to get out there and properly communicate with your friends and users on your Discord server like a pro!

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