Fix: Twitch Notifications Not Working

Are you not getting Twitch notifications? Worry not! Here is a simple guide on how to fix the infamous "Twitch notifications not working" issue with ease.

Twitch offers a huge variety of choices where online entertainment is concerned. With the number of streamers growing every day, it’s almost impossible to run out of options when you want to watch something, whatever your taste.

However, Twitch is far beyond just a streaming platform. The social feature is what provides Twitch with the essential advantage to remain ahead of its rivals.

What is a social aspect without a fully functioning notification system?

Notifications on Twitch Settings

This guide explores ways to solve the notorious “Twitch Notifications Not Working” problem. Read on if this has been affecting you lately.

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The Problem Explained

Twitch notifications play an important role on the platform. They alert you when someone sends you a private message, when your favorite streamers go live, when a subscription is about to expire, and much more.

They also let your fans know when you go live, so you don’t miss out on potential viewers.

Unfortunately, this system doesn’t always function as intended, which can be quite disruptive for Twitch users.

Twitch streamer whose Notifications not working
A confused Twitch streamer addressing the problem on Reddit.

Note: Before trying any solutions, it’s worth verifying your Twitch notification settings. Certain users may overlook enabling them, or notifications might have been auto-deactivated after a platform upgrade.

If you were inactive on Twitch for some time, we recommend double-checking this, as it could be the reason for the problems you are experiencing.

Twitch smart notifications

After confirming that your notification settings are as they should be, you can move on to the methods listed in this guide to fix the problem for good.

Fix 1: Check Your E-Mail Settings

If you are not receiving emails about other streamers going live, despite having notifications enabled and following their channel, the problem could be related to your e-mail filters.

Note: If you want to receive notifications from Twitch via e-mail, you need to have the setting enabled in your account panel, as shown in the image below.

Twitch notifications by email

E-mail providers frequently flag notification-type messages as spam and send them to the “spam” or “junk” folders. It’s worth checking this as one of your initial troubleshooting strategies, as it can save you a significant amount of time if it turns out to be the issue.

If this is not the case, move on to the other fixes listed below.

Fix 2: Reinstall The Twitch Desktop App

Many Twitch members prefer to use the desktop app rather than a browser, partly because the app appears to be far more stable. Bugs are rarer, and you don’t often encounter errors.

This might sound like a simple fix for the problem, but numerous users have reported that reinstalling the desktop app helped them start receiving notifications again. It can also solve the issue where other users are not notified when you go live.

reinstalling Twitch fixes not getting notifications

This is easy and doesn’t take much time at all, so it’s worth trying. You can find the official download link for the Twitch app here.  

Fix 3: Use A Different Browser

Note: This only works for notifications on Twitch. It might be helpful if you are using a browser to access the website.

It’s no secret that Chrome and Firefox are the two most widely used browsers for Twitch. This also means that there are far more people encountering bugs while using them.

Unfortunately, one of these bugs results in you not receiving any notifications when you gain a new follower or when somebody goes live.

The simplest fix for this problem is to change your browser.

Chrome and Firefox are both excellent browsers, but if they interrupt your time on Twitch, you should consider one of the alternatives that are also compatible with the streaming platform. We explore this topic thoroughly in our browser guide.

Fix 4: Clear Your Browser’s Cache And Cookies

If you don’t want to switch to a different browser and instead want to solve the problem while using your preferred browser, clearing the cache and cookies can help.

This is useful when multiple Twitch users share the same system, as it can result in settings being altered accidentally.

To clear your browser’s cache and cookies, follow the steps below. Note: The steps below apply to Chrome users.

  1. Open Chrome on your PC and click on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner.
  2. In the dropdown menu, choose Settings to open the configuration panel.
    Twitch Can Not Change Username
  3. Scroll down until you see the Privacy and Security section. Choose Clear browsing data to access the final window where you will be doing the cleanup.
    Twitch Will Not Let Me Change Username
  4. Tick the boxes next to the three available options, as shown in the image below. Finish by clicking on Clear Data in the bottom-right corner. Make sure to select All time in the time range field.
    Clear Browser Cache On Google Chrome

If you are a Firefox user, follow this official guide from Mozilla to clear your browser cache and cookies.


If the problem is not on Twitch’s end, which is sometimes the case, the fixes listed in this guide should help you overcome the Twitch notifications issue.

If none of these fixes help, you should consider contacting Twitch support. This can be a serious problem that leads to you losing viewers or missing important events held by other Twitch users.

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