How To Change Font In Discord

Changing your font in Discord is very easy. Here is a super short guide on how to change font in Discord, with screenshots included.

Overall, Discord is a well-designed application, especially if you use the dark theme. Easy on the eyes, intuitive, and user-friendly.

However, it seems like a number of people have an issue with the font that is used across the entire application – Uni Sans. It is even used in the logo.

Here is how to change the Discord font.

Changing Font Appearance

If you don’t find this basic font readable, you will be sad to hear there is no way to change it. But, there are some things you can do to modify it.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Open Discord and head into User Settings.
  2. On the left of your screen, under App Settings, click the Appearance tab.
  3. This will open up several settings allowing you to adjust the appearance of the app. Under Chat Font Scaling you will see three different sliders which we are going to focus on.

Chat Font Scaling

The first slider, Chat Font Scaling is used to reduce or increase the size of the font/text on Discord. Keep in mind, this only applies to the text in channels, chats, messaging, etc.

By default, this slider is adjusted to 16px which is fine for most people, but if you want a cleaner look we recommend 14px.

Those that favor larger text should push the slider up to 20px or even 24px. Try it out yourself and see what works best for you.

Before and after applying font scaling

Space Between Message Groups

Another useful option that can change the appearance of the text messages is the Space Between Message Groups slider. This allows you to reduce the spacing between different message groups.

Like the scaling slider, the default option is set to 16px which puts considerable space between group messages. If you want more text on your screen, go for the 0px option. If you want less text per screen, use the right-most option on the slider – 24px.

Before and after applying more space between message groups

Zoom Level

Unlike the previous two sliders we covered, Zoom Level changes the entire appearance of Discord, not just the messages.

The slider ranges from 50 to 200and the default is set at 100. If you want to zoom into Discord, push the slider closer to the right, if you want to zoom out the app, push the slider to the left.

If you ever want to immediately change the zoom level, you can use the shortcut Ctrl +/- and Ctrl + 0 to reset the value to defaults (100).

Use A Different Font In Messages

If you aim to send messages on Discord with a different font, you won’t be able to do that within the app itself. Instead, you can use any of the font/text generators that can be found online. Here are examples of the ones we tested: FontSpace, FancyTextGenerator, ExoticFonts.

There are many of them out there, see which one works best for you.

To use a font generator, all you have to do is input your message on the website, select the style/font you want, copy it, and then paste it in Discord.

Alternatively, you can use Discord’s built-in formatting to send cool messages.

That’s all there is to it. We hope that Discord would open up more options to customize the font and appearance of the app in the future. Until then, you can use this article as a guide.

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