How To Change Discord Picture

Do you want to change your Discord picture but don't know how to do it? Here is a super simple guide that shows you how to change your Discord picture.

Discord is the perfect VoIP on which you can easily send private messages, channel-wide messages, find friends, stream, and gather with friends to play your favorite games.

However, if you want to make yourself a bit more recognizable to your teammates, you should consider changing your Discord profile picture.

To quickly do that, use the step-by-step guide below.

Changing Discord Profile Picture

Before you can start following these steps, we recommend that you already have your image ready. The recommended profile picture size is around 128 x 128 pixels, but even if you add something larger than that, Discord will automatically rescale it for you.

  1. Open Discord
  2. Open User Settings by clicking on the small cogwheel icon on the bottom left of your screen.
  3. Enter the My Account tab and click on the Upload Avatar button
  4. Next, head over to the image location, select it and click Open
  5. This opens up a new window where you can use a slider to Zoom In and Zoom Out the image
  6. Once the main element of the image is properly set into the circle in the middle, select Apply
In the edit image window, the image size is not optimal in our case, which makes it impossible to fit in the whole profile picture circle

Again, try to use an image that’s small enough to fit into the circle. Other than that, the process is pretty simple, as you can see. Follow the above guide, and you’ll be able to change your avatar/profile picture on Discord successfully.

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