Fix: Minecraft VeinMiner Not Working

It can be a frustrating experience if the Minecraft VeinMiner is not working. Luckily, this guide can show you how to get this fixed quickly.

If you are a passionate Minecraft player, you’re probably already aware of the VeinMiner mod. Out of the many cool and helpful mods available for this game, the VeinMiner is definitely amongst the ones with the most popularity and use.

But, similar to several other Minecraft modifications, individuals may experience difficulties while utilizing VeinMiner at times, leading to annoyance.

Luckily, we know what to do when the Minecraft VeinMiner is not working, and we’ll tell you all about it in the guide below.

Let’s begin.

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The Problem Explained

Minecraft Veinminer Not Working

VeinMiner is a mod used for improving the overall gameplay experience, making it easier to mine multiple ores of a specific type in a vein at once by mining just one block.

This makes it much easier for players to gather ores without spending too much time while still enjoying the thrill of searching for various ore veins within the game.

Note: This is just a simple explanation of what the mod is capable of doing. If you want to learn more about it, feel free to take a look at this helpful video showcase covering Minecraft VeinMiner.

The problem, however, is when users report that the VeinMiner is not doing anything. For example, the player mines one ore, but the others in the same vein don’t get destroyed. This isn’t how the mod is supposed to function and is an obvious problem, but we have the solutions for it.

Fix 1: Ensure VeinMiner Is Active And Properly Configured


Adding VeinMiner to your list of Minecraft mods is not enough to start using it right away. Like many other mods, the Minecraft VeinMiner needs configuring before it starts working for you within the game.

Some users don’t go through the configuration, which is likely why it isn’t working for them.

The optimal way to ensure everything is configured as it should with your VeinMiner mod is by following this helpful video tutorial.

Note: If VeinMiner is already installed on your computer, feel free to skip to the part of the video where the in-game configuring begins.

Hopefully, this will help you get to the point where using VeinMiner in-game takes just the click of a few buttons.

Fix 2: Manually Add The Blocks Using In-Game Commands


Another fix for when users believe their VeinMiner is not working is to add the desired blocks and tools to the list of commands.

In this case, it’s not that the mod is not working, but instead, the user hasn’t properly assigned what the mod should detect in-game regarding resource types (ex. stone, sand, diamonds), and tools, (ex. pickaxe, shovel, hands) for the insta-mine function.

This solution was suggested by an experience Minecraft user on a Reddit thread that you can find here.

Basically, the method requires the user to manually add which blocks they want to mine instantly and which tools they should be instantly mined with.

So, for example, if we want to mine entire stone veins by destroying just one stone block using our pickaxe in-game, the following command needs to be executed in the Minecraft chat:

/veinminer blocklist pickaxe include minecraft:stone

Now, this is merely one of the instances, but you have the option to substitute the equipment and the substance category as you desire and include various instructions too.

The helpful video guide below will show you how to do all this in a different way as well, so feel free to take a look at it and use the one that seems easier for you.

This approach is also beneficial when the mod’s ordinary configuration files don’t work as intended, which can occasionally occur, and then users have to depend on the manual commands instead.


With that said, you now know how to ensure your VeinMiner Minecraft mod does exactly what it’s supposed to.

Using this mod can drastically reduce the time it takes for you to collect resources in-game, so if you’re willing to play the game in survival mode but still make things a bit easier, this is the way to go.

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