How To Unban Someone On Discord

Did you ban someone by mistake or simply want to unban a person for whatever reason? Here's how you unban someone on Discord with ease.

On a Discord server with hundreds or even thousands of users, it’s inevitable that somebody will eventually break the rules. When this occurs, the punishment is often a temporary or permanent ban from the server.

On the contrary, it isn’t uncommon for an admin to make an error and accidentally ban the wrong person. Naturally, as an admin, you will want to reverse this mistake and unban the user.

This guide will explain exactly how you can unban users on Discord.

Let’s commence!

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Unbanning A User

Unbanning a user via a Discord server’s settings is truly quite simple. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open Discord and enter your server.
  2. Once in the server, click the server name (top-left corner).
    clicking Discord server name and server settings
  3. From the dropdown menu, click Server Settings.
    selecting Server Settings in Discord
  4. In the left-side panel, find and open the Bans tab.
  5. This is where you will find a list of all the users banned from your server. Make sure you select the correct user by checking their ID number. You can also use the search function.
    Discord server banned people list
  6. Finally, click Revoke Ban.
    Discord Revoke Ban button

That’s everything you must do. The chosen user has been unbanned now!

Unbanning Discord Users With A Bot

As with all moderation-related tasks on Discord, you can use a bot to make the process of unbanning users a little bit easier.

We recommend only using a bot if you have to unban a lot of users at the same time. Otherwise, you should do it manually.

You can employ bots like DynoBot, MEE6, or Hydra to lift user bans. The regular unban command typically appears as follows:

!unban (member name)

Just make sure to use the correct prefix and the right member name.

You can use ProBot to lift the ban of all members on your server. However, this feature is only accessible with the ProBot premium subscription.

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