What Font Does Discord Use?

What font does Discord use and how can you also use the same font? What are the best alternatives to the Discord font? Here's what you need to know.

Discord’s user interface design is neat, swift, and easy to understand. This is all thanks to numerous enhancements made to enrich the platform. However, the font used in the app also has a remarkable impact.

In this guide, we will explain exactly which fonts are used by Discord.

Let’s take a look!

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Uni Sans Heavy

The font used across the entire Discord application is Uni Sans Heavy.

If you want to use this font, you can get the Uni Sans Font Family and set it up on your device. It’s free for business use.

Discord font Uni Sans Heavy

Keep in mind that you can alter the font’s appearance via Discord’s settings.

Uni Sans Alternatives

If you are looking for similar but not identical text, there are several recommended fonts. These include Tepeno Sans Light Regular, Filetto Extralight, Hattori Hanzo Light, Pontano Sans, and others.

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