How To Appear Offline On Discord

Want some privacy in Discord but at the same time check out what others are doing? Here is a simple guide on how to appear offline on Discord.

Discord is the ideal platform to link up with your friends, classmates, or teammates to chat, work, relax, or game together.

There will be times when you want to play or study on your own or in a small group and don’t want other users disturbing you. If you want to focus without being sent DMs, links, and invites, it is best to close Discord completely.

However, you might still want to make restricted use of Discord. To achieve this, you can simply set your profile to appear offline by setting your status to “Invisible.”

Use this guide to learn how to do exactly that.

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How To Appear Offline

To remain hidden or undetectable on Discord, you must adhere to these instructions:

  1. Head to any server
  2. Hover over and click your avatar
  3. Select Invisible
Discord Appear Offline

That’s all you have to do now. Your friends and other server members will see you as offline.

Other Status Options

You don’t always have to go completely invisible to reduce the number of people messaging you. Here’s a selection of the status options you can use to tell others that you are busy:

  • Online – This is the default status option when you log into Discord. Other users can see that you are online and available.
  • Idle – This status option tells other users that you are away from your keyboard and unable to respond. Discord can automatically change your status to Idle after 10-15 minutes of inactivity.
  • Do Not Disturb – By setting your status to Do Not Disturb, every Discord notification will be muted, including desktop and mobile notifications.
  • Invisible – The last option is to stay invisible, which makes you appear offline to other users and greatly reduces the likelihood of them messaging you.

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