Discord Server Guide: How To Make A Good Discord Server

Do you have a Discord server or are you planning to start a new Discord server? If that's the case, then this Discord server guide will be very useful.

Creating a server on Discord is very simple.

Almost effortless.

All you need to do is give it a name, and that’s about it—a great way to create a place for you and your friends to communicate.

However, creating a good Discord server is another thing. It is a much more serious and complicated matter.

Especially if you want to create a place for an entire community. A place where people can gather and have quality and informative conversations on a certain topic.

To get your good Discord server started, you will need to consider a lot of things. So, we’ve put together a roundup of some of the essential parts you will have to cover to reach your goals.

Should You Create A Discord Server?

Before you can start building the server, here are a few questions you might want to ask yourself:

Why Do You Want To Create It?

The first question you will need to ask yourself before you start is: Why do I want to make a Discord server?

Obviously, there will be a reason behind the idea. For example, do you want to form a community that you will have control of, or do you feel like a certain community is lacking a place for proper communication?

If your answer is the former then you should forget about this whole project.

To successfully grow a community, your goals should be selfless from the start. This isn’t something that a person can (or should) profit from.

If you have legitimate reasoning and want to help a community grow by providing a good communication platform, you already have a great start.

Are There Any Similar/Same Discord Servers?

According to a few sources, Discord already has over 6.5 million active servers; and who knows how many in total. It is one of the largest VOIP platforms today.

Why is this relevant? Well, out of those 6.5 million active servers, one of them could be similar or even completely identical to your original idea.

Discord’s discover section with millions of servers

In other words, a server for the community that you wanted to help already exists. Going against it will only split the community. It won’t help it.

Of course, if the server is inactive or not properly moderated, you have a window of opportunity to build a reliable, creative, and useful server.

Do You Have The Time?

The last thing that you will need to ask yourself is: Do I have enough free time to dedicate to this project?

Take note: this is going to take up a lot of your free time. So it’s not a simple matter, especially if your goal is to push one community further!

Dedicating ten to fifteen hours every week would be optimal. However, you shouldn’t let this discourage you from realizing your idea. Even if you can’t seem to dedicate enough time now, maybe you’ll be able to in the future.

Also, remember that there will be people willing to help you. People that have similar goals and ideas as you. You don’t have to take on this entire project by yourself.

If the answers to all of these questions seem favorable, you are definitely ready to build a good Discord server.

Let’s get into the details of what you will need to do.

Use a Template

Most successful and larger Discord servers nowadays stick to one type of structure because it works. In addition, it’s intuitive and pretty easy to use for both beginner and veteran users of Discord.

Fortunately, you will not have to waste any time crafting that structure. There are already tons of templates available online.

Which one you should get depends on what kind of style and topic you are going for. There are templates for gaming, memes, celebrities, and all the other types of servers.

Example: Building a server with a template

If you are uncertain which one you should get, you could check out reviews on YouTube or sort through different user experiences on Reddit and other platforms/forums. You could even join a Discord server dedicated to templates.

Some of the websites that offer templates have a rating system implemented which could be super useful.

Structure/Category Tips

When creating a server with a template, there will be several text and voice channels and roles formed by default.

The first couple of text channels need to be informative. Dedicated only to spread information, rules, and announcements that would be useful for all members. No messaging should be allowed in these text channels.

After that, you should set up a few general chat rooms. For on-topic discussions, off-topic discussions, and just a general chat room with no specific rules. A general voice channel would also be useful.

Below those, you can start adding text and chat rooms on more specific topics. Take for example the servers for games such as World of Warcraft. Dungeons, Raids, Selling Gear, Looking for Group, Buying Items, etc.

Example: Structure of Wowhead: World of Warcraft server

Once you are certain you have covered the most important aspects of the server’s purpose, it’s a good idea to spread out to more general topics again.

It would also be useful to create rooms for suggestions and support. Both of these would help the community and server grow.


This is one of the essential elements of every successful community server on Discord -or any other similar platform, for that matter.

Without rules set in place, a community cannot thrive, and it will quickly die out once it gets filled with bots, spammers, and users that do not belong. Therefore, rules are essential.

To maintain the purpose of this channel, you have to enforce the rules too.

At first, it’s best to create rules against these things:

  • Spamming
  • Harassing
  • Advertising
  • NSFW content
  • Toxicity
Example: Rules in a game-related server

Also, it’s a good idea to have a rule against spoilers, especially if your server focuses on a certain video game, TV series, movie, or anything similar. People hate spoilers!

Of course, which rules need to be enforced and which shouldn’t depend on the server type. There are no universal rules. If the main topic relates to NSFW content, it doesn’t make sense to create rules against it.


Discord’s most attractive feature is the ability of admins and moderators to give out roles.

Roles are useful because they can thoroughly be customized to your needs. Easily adjust privileges and permissions for different channels, features such as voice chat, text chat, text to speech, user tagging, mentioning, etc.

Discord allows you to customize the server roles

New Members

New members should get the most basic role with no permissions at all. To obtain a newer, better role with permissions, new members should go through a verification process. This deters bots and spammers from servers.

Naturally, after the verification users will get permission to chat through text or voice.


Running an entire server solo is certainly possible, but once the number of members starts to increase, it can get quite complicated to handle so many users at once.

It’s recommended to have a few admins or moderators to help you out with enforcing rules, member support, and improving the user’s overall experience.

Roles with the right permissions for moderation will be needed. Once you assign these roles to the right people, you will also need to designate those roles with the right name and color. This is done so other users can easily distinguish the staff.

To do that, make sure the Display role members separately from the online members option is enabled for the moderator/admin role.

Keep in mind; you should provide moderating and administrative permissions only to those you trust. At first, it’s best to keep your staff number at a minimum.

Role Rewards

Role rewards are not always recommended because it incites people to spam unnecessary messages. Thus, trying to force the reward.

If you want to keep your chat rooms more natural, it’s best to avoid role rewards. But, these rewards do make things a little bit more interesting for your members. Better roles equal more permissions and features, which is always appreciated.

It’s up to you to see whether this kind of feature would fit into your server.


Bots are another must-have feature for a Discord server. The right bots can delay your need for additional mods and admins for a long time. And, through auto-moderation, you can easily comb through bots, spammers, and other unwanted types of users.

That’s not all. Bots also bring all kinds of features and interesting additions. For example, music bots are definitely essential since they allow users to play music from different platforms such as YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, etc.

Although picking the right bots is going to prove a bit difficult with so many of them available. These days, popular options are Dyno and MEE6.

Related:Discord Bot Guide (Rhythm bot, Mee6 bot, Groovy bot and more)

Use of a Discord bot (MEE6)

There are also tons of websites that provide a list of the most popular and commonly used Discord bots.

Keep in mind, a lot of bot features are sometimes locked behind a premium paywall.

Server Boost

Discord is free and what you get for free is pretty good. But, it’s not the best. Users can buy Nitro which provides several features such as streaming at 1080p at 60FPS, higher file upload limit, custom emoji slots, and a bunch of other useful things.

The alternative to this is to pay for a server “Boost”. The benefits are more or less the same, but the difference is that everyone on the server gets those benefits.

Howevere, there’s a catch.

To get the higher audio quality and better streaming quality advantages, the server would have to be boosted 15 times.

Server Boost section on Discord

Fifteen boosts are equal to $75. Much more expensive when compared to the $10 Nitro package.

But, each member can boost the server, which makes fifteen boosts easily achievable, especially when split into fifteen members.

However, you may have to boost the server on your own. Because at first, most members probably won’t interested in paying for a boost. At least not until the server grows into something more promising.

It’s not mandatory, but your members would certainly appreciate the additional features.

Raising Awareness/Advertising

Your Discord server is finally ready and “open for business”. All that is left is to find users interested in joining it.

At first, it will be a bit slow. Most people have no idea that your server even exists.

Try sharing it on community subreddits and other platforms/forums if you want to raise a bit of awareness, naturally, utilize subreddits and forums related to the server’s topic. Do not spam it on unrelated forums.

It is heavily recommended to avoid spamming invite links to other Discord servers. This kind of behavior could get your server blacklisted.

There you have it! In this guide, you will have found everything necessary to create a server that can properly support a community of 10,000+ or even 100,000+ members. Use these tips to help you through the process. And remember, create the type of server that you would appreciate and use! Get to it!

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