How To Hide Channels In Discord

Do you want to permanently hide muted channels? There's definitely a way to do it! Here's a super easy guide on how to hide channels in Discord.

Creating a voice or text channel on Discord isn’t complicated at all. And, even if you do mess things up, you can always customize them.

However, when it comes to channel customization on Discord, there is a lot of it. One option users can’t grasp is hiding channels from other server members.

There’s also an option to hide channels that you have muted permanently.

This guide will explain the steps you can follow for hiding channels in Discord.

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Hiding Channels From Server Members

If you want a voice or text channel that’s specifically just for you, your friends, or admins/mods, it’s essential that you make it hidden. This way, no one will be able to see that you’re in a voice channel, chatting, or active.

Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Create a new voice/text channel (or use an existing one).
  2. Hover over the voice/text channel and click the small cogwheel to edit it.
  3. Here, select the Permissions tab.
  4. Now expand Advanced Permissions, select the appropriate role or everyone and press the red X button next to the View Channel setting.
  5. Hit Save Changes, and you’re done. The channel will be hidden from the selected role.

Alternatively, do this:

  1. Enable the Private Channel option and click on Add members or roles.
  2. Use the search bar to find the right member or role, click Done, and Save Changes.
    Private Channel

That’s it!

You’ve successfully hidden a channel in Discord.

Hide Muted Channels

Did you know that you can mute more than just users on Discord? Yes, you can even mute entire text/voice channels.

This solution applies to everyone, not just server owners, admins, or mods. If there is a specific text or voice channel you don’t want to see, this is a way to hide them.

Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Start Discord and enter a server.
  2. In the server, right-click the voice or text channel you want to hide.
  3. Select Mute Channel -> Until I turn it back on
  4. Now click on the server name on the top-left of the Discord window and select Hide muted channels.Muted Channels

From now on, the channel will be hidden for you until you unmute it or disable this option.

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