How To Play Music In Discord

Looking for a method on how to play music in Discord? Here is a guide on how to do this using the Rythm bot and how to control this Discord music bot.

During weekends, you can spend time on Discord for hours on end, chatting with your friends, gaming together, and who knows what else.

You might sometimes feel as though the voice channel is either too quiet or too noisy. During those moments when you want to enjoy some extra sounds, it can be a good idea to play some music.

Here’s how you can easily do that.

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Use A Bot To Play Music

By default, the Discord application doesn’t include a feature that allows you to play music on your servers. However, it does give you the option to add a bot that provides this ability.

In our example, we’ll look at Rythm, as it is one of the best music bots on the platform.

First, you will need to add the bot to your Discord server. You can accomplish this by visiting Rythm’s official website and pressing Invite the bot. homepage homepage

On the next screen, select your server and click Authorize.

With that done, open the Discord desktop app and go into your server. Make sure the Rythm bot is now on your member list.

By default, the prefix to use the bot should be an exclamation mark (!). However, if you are already using a bot with that prefix, you can change the command in any text channel by typing !settings prefix “your new prefix”.

If you want to play a song, you need to use your new prefix (or the original one) and then type in a song or artist.

Example: !play The Weeknd

This will automatically play the top search result on YouTube related to the artist, The Weeknd. If you want to play a specific song, you can simply add it along with the artist.

Example: !play The Weeknd Starboy

play The Weeknd – Starboy

In addition, if you want to play a particular video on YouTube or a Spotify playlist, you can enter a link instead.

Example: !play [Insert YouTube/Spotify link here]

By using these commands, you can finally listen to your favorite songs on Discord with your friends. However, there’s much more to this bot than simply playing one song!

Let’s take a look at the different features and commands.

Controlling The Music Bot

Rythm and many similar bots include numerous commands which allow you to control them or, more specifically, control the music. Here are some of those commands:

  • !skip – skips the current track.
  • !loop – plays the current song on a loop.
  • !leave – forces the bot to leave your voice channel. Useful if the bot is bugged.
  • !queue – shows you the current queue of songs.
  • !clear – clears the current queue.
  • !nowplaying – displays which song is currently playing.

These are some of the most useful commands. To view all the commands, you can either type !commands or read the list here.

Keep in mind that every bot has its own set of commands. However, most music bots use similar or even identical commands. Whichever bot you choose for your server, enjoy listening to music on Discord!

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