How To Log Out Of The Discord App

Wish to sign out of DIscord but not sure how to do it? Here is a simple visual guide on how to log out of the Discord app.

Browsing the Discord application is pretty easy, considering how intuitive and straightforward it is.

However, if you aim to completely sign out of the desktop app, you might become a tad disoriented.

With this in mind, we’ve made this short, easy-to-follow guide to show you how to sign out of Discord.

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Logging Out Of Discord

To log out of your account on Discord, go to User Settings (cogwheel icon near mute/deafen buttons). In User Settings, scroll down to the bottom of the left menu.

At the bottom, you should see a red Log Out option. Click it and confirm.

How Do I Log Out Of Discord

With that, you are done!

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