How Does @here And @everyone Work In Discord?

Not sure how to use @here and @everyone in Discord? We got you covered. This guide explains exactly how they work and how they differ.

Discord is probably the go-to VoIP app when you want to talk with your friends; we understand why. It’s definitely one of the best, if not the best, voice communication platforms of all time.

To really benefit from Discord, you need to use all its features. Some of these features are not easy to find or understand, so we are providing a guide to help.

We specifically want to explain what @here and @everyone do, how they work, and how you can use them to your advantage.

Let’s get to it!

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How Does @here Work?

How many members do you have on your server? Is the count in the dozens, hundreds, or thousands? However many users there are, you’ve probably searched for a way to grab their attention quickly.

The @here command does exactly that. Whenever you type @here in a text channel, all online members from your server will receive a Discord notification. It’s a simple way to grab the attention of all online users on the server.

Discord Channel @here
No red/numbered notification when pinged with @here

On the other hand, offline users will not get a notification from Discord.

This feature can be helpful when you need on-the-spot attention from your members. No need to bother users that aren’t active at the moment.

Keep in mind that users without permission to view the channel in which you typed @here will not get a notification.

How Does @everyone Work?

In situations when you need to share information/news with absolutely everyone on your server, the @everyone command is what you are looking for.

Whenever you type @everyone in a text channel, every member on your server will get a notification. Yes, this includes offline members.

Discord Channel @everyone
Red/Numbered notifications after you’re pinged with @everyone

This can be extremely useful because it also forces push notifications, so even offline members will get a notification on their phones. And, if there are members without push/desktop notifications enabled, they’ll get notified once they log back into Discord.

Difference Between @everyone And @here


So, @everyone and @here appear to be identical, but are they?

Based on what we said previously, you probably think these two commands are very similar. And you are correct since there’s only one slight difference between the two.

The difference is that @everyone notifies all members of a server, no matter their status (online, offline, idle, etc. while @here notifies only the members online at that moment. Also, @here does not ping idle users.

When To Use @everyone

We suggest you use this command only when you want to make some big announcements to your server. So, if you have a big event or tournament nearing, use @everyone to ensure that all members are aware of this.

Discord @everyone

When To Use @here

You can use this command when you need to quickly gather a certain number of users. For example, you’re getting ready for a tournament/competitive game and missing a couple of players. Just ping with @here in any text channel to see if anyone is interested in a game.

Discord @here

Should You Disable @everyone?

This instruction is useful for servers, but it can also be misused to bother users on a server. For instance, if individuals begin spamming @everyone in chat, you will rapidly lose numerous members.

Of course, you don’t want that to happen, which is why it is best to disable this option for most users.

Leave @everyone available only for your closest friends, admins, or mods.

Should You Disable @here?

If you disable @everyone for a user, @here will automatically be disabled too, so keep that in mind.

Discord Disable @here

Either way, we believe that @here also has the power to spam/annoy people, so yes, we also recommend disabling this for most “basic” members. Mods and admins will need access to this command.

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