When Is Steam Maintenance?

Having trouble logging into Steam or just wondering when the Steam maintenance is? Here is a super simple guide to Steam maintenance downtime.

Steam is a world-leading gaming platform, the home of both popular e-sports titles and hidden indie gems. A place where creators, entertainers, developers, and gamers can spend their time doing what they love to do the most.

The number of users Steam has, which is easily measured in millions, paints a clear picture of how popular this platform is. You can even see this yourself in real-time on the official Steam user stats page.

With so many people trying different things and using various functions, it’s not uncommon to see a new bug on the platform every once in a while.  

Thankfully, Steam has a strong team of top-notch developers behind it, ready to patch any flaw that might be harming your user experience.

All of this happens during a Steam Maintenance.

When Is Steam Maintenance?

Naturally, Steam Maintenance periods are essential for the overall development of the platform. So, you might be wondering why people try to predict when the next one might happen in the hope of avoiding it?

The answer is simple.

Users want to play games, especially multiplayer ones, without being interrupted. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible during Steam Maintenance.

While Steam is undergoing maintenance, you cannot queue up for a game of Dota2 or Counter-Strike, for example. And if you’re already in a game, your match can be ruined by the maintenance. So it’s easy to understand why you’d want to avoid this!

Therefore, it’s common for players to avoid queueing up around the time when scheduled maintenance needs to start.

Weekly Scheduled Steam Maintenance

Steam has scheduled weekly maintenance that begins somewhere between 1 PM and 3 PM Pacific Time and lasts approximately thirty minutes if there aren’t any unexpected technical difficulties.

If you are wondering why Steam chose this time, it’s because, during these hours, their office has the most team members present. This way, they have the required workforce to get things up and running again, should any issues arise, without wasting too much time.  

You can learn more on this topic by reading the official article from Steam.  

Steam stated that their goal is to carry out this procedure without impacting too many users. But, of course, the platform is used by people across the entire globe, so there will always be someone online when the maintenance needs to roll.

Steam made this “less painful” by picking a time during which user count is not too high.

So, that’s it for scheduled maintenance, but what about the other, worse kind of maintenance that is responsible for the frustration of many users?

Unexpected Steam Maintenance & Knowing When It Happens

Hardware failures or network problems are common in the digital world.

Although Steam is a top-notch company with a highly professional team behind it, unexpected problems still manage to catch everyone off-guard.

Can we somehow predict when the next “irregular” maintenance may be? Not really, but here’s what you can do to make sure it’s happening.

A website called steamstat.us helps many users find out what Steam is dealing with at the moment. Sometimes, while users enjoy the platform’s functionalities, things start becoming unresponsive, so users may wonder if the issue is with Steam or perhaps their own setup.

This website displays the status of all regions, the current state of the Steam Store, Steam Community, Web API, and Steam Connection Managers. If you notice that things are mostly red instead of green, it’s probably an issue on Steam’s side. So unexpected maintenance may soon occur.

If you are unable to connect to the Steam network, and Steam seems to be working properly according to steamstat.us, the problem may be on your side.

We have a great guide that may contain the right solution for this problem.

What Should I Expect During Steam Maintenance?

Steam maintenance is not always carried out to release a new feature or something that may entertain or matter much to the average user.

However, these maintenance periods ensure the platform runs smoothly and securely. What happens in the background is also fully transparent, and if you are eager to track the progress, you can read the official changelog.  

Sometimes, weekly Steam maintenance sessions are for regular driver-updating or hardware-expanding purposes. As a user, there’s nothing you need to do about it besides remaining patient.


So, now you are well-informed about Steam’s maintenance periods, you should be able to structure your gaming schedule a bit better and avoid the downtime, which can indeed be quite frustrating at times.

On the other hand, if you mostly play single-player games, you probably won’t even notice that the maintenance ever happened at all!

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