How To Link Twitch To Discord

Linking your Twitch account to your Discord account has never been easier. Here is a super simple guide on how to link Twitch to Discord.

Nowadays, numerous internet content makers utilize a form of electronic platform to enhance interaction with their supporters. This is particularly valid for Twitch streamers.

One of the best platforms for streamers to develop a stronger connection with their fans is Discord.

If there is a broadcaster server you want to join, you first need to link your Twitch account with Discord. This article will explain every step of the process.

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Connecting Your Twitch Account To Your Discord Account

Adding your Twitch account is pretty simple. First, open Discord and go into User Settings. Select the Connections tab. From there, find the Twitch icon and click on it.

Link Twitch To Discord
Discord’s list of available connections

After clicking the Twitch icon, you will be automatically redirected to the Twitch website. Log in with your username and password, then authorize the connection.

Connect Twitch To Discord

You should see confirmation that your account is now connected to Discord.

Integrating Your Server With Twitch

If you are a streamer, you might want to connect your Discord server with your Twitch account. This will automatically grant all your followers access to your server.

To do this, right-click your server’s icon and go into Server Settings. Open the Integrations tab, select Twitch, and sync your account and server.

That’s all you need to do!

Remember, you will also need to edit your role permissions for your server!

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