How To Stop Avast Browser From Opening On Startup

Is Avast Browser opening on startup and slowing down your PC? Here's a simple guide on how to stop Avast Browser from opening on startup.

Avast is an industry-leading company in the antivirus software field, providing security-related products to millions of customers worldwide.

If you are an Avast customer, you likely already know about the numerous other solutions the company offers to its customers.

An illustration is their gratis Secureline VPN, along with the Avast Secure Browser, which we will talk about in this guide.

Avast Secure Browser homepage and phone VPN
Avast’s Secure Browser – Homepage and VPN for smartphones showcase.

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The Problem Explained

Most computer users hope for a seamless and expeditious boot when they turn on their PC. However, having numerous programs enabled on startup can decelerate things significantly.

Despite Avast’s Secure Browser being helpful where privacy is concerned, many users have complained that the software is more intrusive than they would like.

This is a significant concern among members of the community and a leading reason that Avast is often uninstalled and abandoned by its users.

people unhappy with Avast Browser
Frustrated users expressing their concerns on a Reddit thread discussing this topic.

We cannot endorse such invasion in any situation, particularly when it originates from a company seemingly committed to safety and reliance. Simultaneously, this issue is simple to resolve.

Only you can decide whether or not this is a deal-breaker, but we’re here to show you the solutions. Let’s get into it.

Fix 1: Disable The “On Startup” Option In The Browser Settings

Like most similar software, the Avast Secure Browser features a Settings panel where you can enable or disable features to customize your experience.

By default, the “On Startup” preference is configured to be on. You can deactivate this by turning it off with one click.

Disabling Avast Secure Browser auto launch

The Avast Secure Browser has a similar interface to the one used by Chrome, so you shouldn’t have much difficulty understanding how to enable and disable specific features.

After disabling the setting, as shown in the image above, the browser should no longer open on startup. You can also disable the feature below it in the menu, which will prevent the browser from checking if it is your default one on startup.

Fix 2: Disable Avast Secure Browser From Task Manager

If the previous method doesn’t help, which is rare but has been reported by users in the past, the next reliable solution is disabling the browser in Task Manager.

This is straightforward, but if you are unsure how to do it, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Right-click the empty space on your taskbar and select Task Manager in the menu. Make sure you don’t right-click the icon of a program. See the image below for further guidance.
    Task Manager
  2. In the Task Manager window, click the Startup tab to access the section where you will be making changes.
    Task Manager panel Startup tab
  3. Find the Avast Secure Browser in the list of programs that run on startup. Right-click it and select Disable in the menu.
    Disabling application from list of programs running on startup

Close Task Manager and reboot your PC. The browser should no longer start automatically when your system boots up.


You now know how to deal with the Avast Browser opening on startup problem using the easy-to-follow methods listed in this guide.

Unfortunately, this characteristic has prompted numerous individuals to cease using and endorsing the company, transitioning to an alternative antivirus provider, likely because they couldn’t find a way to deactivate it without a full uninstall.

If you encounter any further problems, consider contacting Avast’s support team.

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