How To Find A Discord Server

Finding a Discord server has never been easier. You can find servers in different ways so here is a guide that shows you how to find a Discord server.

Discord is slowly heading towards the number one spot as the most popular voice chat platform. The number of users is continuously growing, reaching more than 300 million registered users in 2020.

Considering the huge number of members on this platform, there are also thousands of servers and more are created every day. If you want to become a part of these communities, follow this guide to understand how to search for Discord servers.

Find A Server Using Discord’s Built-in Search

The simplest way to explore the many servers of Discord is to use the built-in search function.

Start Discord, and select the compass-like icon (Explore Public Servers) located right under the servers you have joined. Here, you will get a list of the featured and most popular servers.

You can also use the categories for a more specific type of server. There are categories for Entertainment, Gaming, Music, Education, and Science & Tech.

However, if you can’t seem to find the community you are looking for, the search function is always there. Type in exactly what you are looking for and you will most probably find it.

If Discord’s search function does not satisfy your needs, check out the alternative.

Find A Server Using The Web-based Server Search

The alternative is to use one of the many websites dedicated to sharing or advertising Discord servers.

Here are a few popular options: Disboard, DiscordServers,, and DiscordMe. There are a lot more out there and all of them work on the same principle. All of them have a search function with the ability to search based on categories, popularity, number of members, etc.

With these websites, we are certain that you will be able to find exactly what you need.

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