What Is Prime Gaming And Is It Worth It?

What exactly is Prime Gaming (previously Amazon Prime) that you see on Twitch and perhaps other places, and is Prime Gaming worth it?

Anyone using Twitch for a while, either as a viewer or a broadcaster, is likely familiar with the term “Prime,” or has heard about it at least once.

You can often hear streamers thank someone for a “Prime Donation” to their channel or viewers “boasting” about the benefits of having the crown icon next to their username.

What exactly is Prime Gaming? What are Prime channel donations? What are the benefits of paying for Prime Gaming? Most importantly, is it worth it?

The following guide will answer all of your questions, so without further ado, let’s get right into it.

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When Was Twitch Prime First Introduced?

As Twitch got acquired (and still is owned by Amazon), everyone believed it was only a matter of time before there was a collaboration between the two platforms, and that’s exactly what happened.

Twitch introduced its premium Twitch Prime experience on September 30th, 2016.

Users were initially skeptical of this concept, but they quickly changed their minds when the free monthly loot feature was introduced.

A couple of years later, Twitch Prime was rebranded, and its name was transformed to Prime Gaming.

According to Amazon, the goal of this change was to cement further the company’s commitment to the whole gaming industry, not only the live-streaming aspect. The name change also brought the service in line with the other Prime features offered by Amazon.

Prime Gaming
Twitch Prime rebranded to Prime Gaming. Image: Amazon

This service offers extra perks to Twitch users who subscribe to Amazon Prime and connect their accounts.

The Official Prime Gaming Intro from Amazon contains all the relevant information about the service and the subscription system behind it.

What Benefits Do Users Get With Prime Gaming?

There are various reasons to invest in Prime status on Twitch, with many fascinating benefits. Here are some of the most well-liked ones:

  1. A special Prime badge next to your Twitch username when typing in the chat.
  2. Free games, in-game loot, and a monthly Prime Subscription you can use on any channel.
  3. More recognition on Twitch with premium and exclusive chat colors and emotes.

The in-game items available (Prime Loot) via the Prime Gaming subscription greatly outweigh the monthly price.

If you are enthusiastic about gaming and watching streams, Prime Gaming is well worth the expense.

Not only do you receive a free monthly subscription to support your favorite streamer, but free in-game cosmetics, otherwise-unobtainable items, experience boosts, and other similar extras are often available to claim.

The screenshot below showcases a few examples.

Prime Gaming Loot
Prime Gaming Loot from various games available to claim

Prime Gaming is a great investment for any gamer who loves collectibles, especially if you often purchase in-game items already. This way, you can save money and receive those items as part of your subscription!

From a price standpoint, you get much more than you pay for. If you’re able to claim collectibles for games you don’t play and feel generous, you can send them to your friends, even if they don’t have Prime.

This is one of the most valuable benefits of Prime Gaming.

Every month, Prime Gaming offers new loot to obtain. Popular games like League of Legends, Destiny 2, and Warframe often give out rewards to Prime members, especially in regards to valuable items and collectibles.

Is Prime Gaming Free With Amazon Prime?

How a Prime Gaming subscription works can be confusing for newer Twitch users. Here’s an explanation to clear up those uncertainties.

When you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you also receive Prime Gaming for free. They are not two separate things you need to pay for twice.  

If you choose to only subscribe to Prime Gaming and not the complete Amazon Prime package, you still receive Prime status on Twitch.

Prime Gaming Benefits
Benefits of getting a Prime Gaming subscription

Prime Gaming costs $5.99 per month, which is about the same as a regular Twitch Channel Subscription, and that’s just for a Tier 1 sub! However, an ordinary channel subscription doesn’t offer any additional benefits outside of that channel. Twitch Prime does.

A huge bonus is that you can try out Prime Gaming with a free trial. You can even claim rewards during the free trial before deciding to continue or cancel your subscription.

Can I Cancel My Prime Subscription At Any Time?

Yes, one of the best things about a Prime subscription is that you can easily cancel it at any time with no hidden tricks that may lead to you subscribing for longer than you intended.

Judging by the experiences shared by many users in the past, the Prime support team is very helpful. Contacting them is easy and a good idea if you encounter any problems.


There are often negatives to subscriptions, but now that you know more about Prime Gaming, you can probably see that it’s a rewarding and cost-effective option if you are a keen gamer and regularly use Twitch as your main entertainment platform.

Every Twitch user has a favorite streamer. If you already subscribe to a streamer every month, you can instead use that money to buy yourself a Prime Subscription. This will allow you to continue supporting their channel while earning cool rewards and displaying a shiny badge at the same time!

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