What Is Prime Gaming And Is It Worth It?

What exactly is Prime Gaming (previously Amazon Prime) that you see on Twitch and perhaps other places, and is Prime Gaming worth it?

If you’ve used Twitch.tv for some time now, you’ve probably heard the term “Prime” at least once before, and it most likely sparked a bit of curiosity.

What is the unique “prime-only” crown? Why do other users have it, but I don’t? What are Prime Subscriptions? Why are streamers always so thankful when a viewer uses one on their channel?

Well, these are all benefits of having an active Prime Gaming subscription.

This guide will teach you what Prime Gaming is (formerly known as “Twitch Prime”), as well as help you decide whether purchasing it is worth it or not.

When Was Twitch Prime First Introduced?

In 2016, on September 30th, to be exact, Twitch introduced their premium Twitch Prime experience.

Since Twitch is under the ownership of Amazon, it was just a matter of time before such collaboration between the two platforms took place.

At first, users were skeptical of this concept, but then the free monthly loot got introduced, and everybody saw the potential.

A couple of years later Twitch Prime rebranded, and the name changed to Prime Gaming.

According to Amazon, the goal of this change was to cement further the company’s commitment to the gaming industry as a whole, not just the live-streaming and entertaining part. In addition, the name change brought the service in line with the other Prime features offered by Amazon.

Twitch Prime rebranded to Prime Gaming. Image: Amazon

This service provides premium features to Twitch users who already have an active Amazon Prime subscription and have their accounts linked between the two websites.  

The Official Prime Gaming Intro from Amazon contains all the information about the service itself and the subscription system behind it.

What Benefits Do Users Get With Prime Gaming?

There are quite a few reasons to invest in a Prime status on Twitch, as well as many interesting benefits. Here are the most popular ones:

  1. A special Prime badge next to your name when talking in the chat.
  2. Free games, in-game loot, and a monthly Prime Subscription you can use on any channel.
  3. More recognition on Twitch through premium and exclusive chat colors and emotes.

The in-game items available for pickup through the Prime Gaming subscription greatly outweigh the monthly price.

If you are passionate about gaming and watching streams, Prime Gaming is totally worth it.

Not only do you get a free monthly subscription to help out your favorite streamer, but free in-game cosmetics, otherwise-unobtainable items, experience boosts, and other similar extras are often available to claim.

The screenshot below showcases a few examples.

Prime Gaming Loot from various games available to claim

Prime Gaming is the perfect investment for the type of gamer who loves collectibles. Especially if you often purchase in-game items yourself. This way, you get them for free!

From a price standpoint, you get a lot more than what you pay for. And, if you are feeling generous or you come across claimable collectibles for games you don’t play, you can send them to your friends, even if they don’t have Prime. This is one of the nicest things about Prime Gaming.

Every month, there is different loot to claim through Prime Gaming. Games in which consumables and collectibles are a big deal, such as League of Legends, Destiny 2, and Warframe, are the ones that are most often providing free rewards for Prime users.

Is Prime Gaming Free With Amazon Prime?

The way this works may often be confusing to newer Twitch users. Here’s an explanation to clear up those uncertainties for you.  

Simply put, when you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you get Prime Gaming for free. So they are not two separate things you need to pay for.  

Even if you subscribe only to Prime Gaming and not the complete Amazon Prime package, you still get the Prime status on Twitch.

Benefits of getting a Prime Gaming subscription

Prime Gaming costs $5.99 per month, which is about the same as a regular Twitch Channel Subscription, and a tier-one, at that! However, a regular subscription doesn’t offer any other benefits outside of the channel you’ve subscribed to. Twitch Prime does.

And, the best part about it is that you can try it out with a free trial. You can even claim rewards during the free trial, if you want to, before continuing or canceling your subscription.

Can I Cancel My Prime Subscription At Any Time?

Yes, one of the best things about getting a Prime subscription is the fact you can easily cancel it at any time with no hidden tricks that may lead to you oversubscribing for more than you planned to.

According to the previous experience of many users in the past, the Prime support team is also helpful, so keep in mind that contacting them is easy and probably a good idea if you run into a problem.


Usually, there are downsides to such subscriptions, but now that you know more about Prime Gaming yourself, you probably realize that it’s a rewarding and cost-efficient option if you regularly use this platform.

Everyone has their favorite streamer. So, if subscribing every month is what you do, you can use that budget to grab yourself a Prime Subscription and keep supporting the channel while earning cool rewards and showing off a shiny badge at the same time!

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