How To Join A Discord Server

Joining a Discord server doesn't have to be hard. Here is a super easy guide on how to join a Discord server, both public and private Discord servers.

With hundreds of thousands of servers on Discord, you should know how to join one. There are multiple ways you can do that, and we will explain every one of them.

Joining A Public Server

There are two types of servers on Discord: public and private. Public servers are open to anyone and are usually communities dedicated to a certain topic. For example, the top three public servers are Genshin Impact, Valorant, World of Warcraft, etc.

Joining public-type servers is easy. Just head into the Explore Public Servers tab, located at the left of your screen, right under Home, or any other servers you might have joined.

Browse or search the server you are looking for, enter it, and you will immediately get an invitation link. Click on the Join button, and you are in!

Joining A Private Server

Joining a private server is a bit different. These servers are not publicly listed anywhere. Even if you do manage to find it, you won’t be able to join it if you don’t have an invitation link.

To get one, you will either need to ask some of the members. Or, if any of your friends are already a member of that server, they could easily send you an invitation.

Those are your options.

Keep in mind; some servers are more private than others. Of course, some servers are just a circle of close friends, so don’t get too bummed out if you don’t get an invite.

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