How To Transfer Ownership Of A Discord Server

Want to transfer ownership of a Discord server to another user? Simple! Here is a guide on how to accomplish just that.

Moderating a server with hundreds of members can be fun, but it is also complicated, especially if you’re moderating the ones with tens of thousands of users. This can quickly become a full-time job!

If you cannot commit to it, we recommend transferring the ownership of your Discord server to someone willing to further the growth of the community. If you’d like to know how to do it, we’ve got you!

Here is a short guide on the steps you need to take:

Transferring Server Ownership To A User

  1. Open Discord, right-click your server icon, and select Server Settings
  2. Under User Management, select Members
  3. Scroll until you find the member you are looking for or use the search function
  4. Select the user, expand the menu by clicking on the three dots and click Transfer Ownership
  5. This will open up a prompt to confirm your choice. After that, the ownership of your Discord server will finally be transferred.

That’s it!

You are no longer the owner of the server. Keep in mind; there is no way to reverse this action. Once the ownership is transferred, it will permanently remain that way unless the user gives back the ownership to you.

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